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ASCC End of the Year Review

No description

Fatin mustafa

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of ASCC End of the Year Review

ASCC End of the Year Review
Fatin Mustafa

What have you learned from attending ASCC weekly Board meetings?
by attending ascc meetings I've learned about how to make motions, how clubs run, how it's professional, and organized.
What have you learned from attending campus or district committee meetings ?
I learned that they love hearing students voices, and don't be afraid to ask questions. They're all very inviting and nice. They encourage us to contribute our ideas.

Through out my experience I met a lot of people and understand how ASCC runs and how everyone's work on campus can slowly make a change and help students in Cañada College and even other community colleges.
Thank you!
What did you learn from a conference or a retreat you attended?
What I learned from retreat is how everyone's support and positions are important, therefore working together helps us complete all our tasks in a better way. It also helped me get closer to the people in the student government.
What did you learn from planning an on campus event?
It's really important to take everyone's ideas to mind to make the event the best you can. If it doesn't go the way you thought it would just improvise and make it work!
What did you take away from your big-little experience?
Help each other
love each other
their for each other
Best big ever
To build this pyramid we needed
the base, someone to support us
while trying to get into our positions
*We needed everyone to build
the pyramid
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