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Background of the Study

No description

paulo ediza

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Background of the Study

Feasibility Study on the Production of Granulated Bagoong
is a fish sauce used as a popular condiment in the Philippines. Bagoong is typically a dark brick-red color, though food dyes may be added to give it a purplish hue.
is an edible substance, such as a sauce, that is added to some foods to impart a particular flavor, enhance its flavor, or in some cultures, to complement the dish.
Background of the Study
Granulated Bagoong
The conventional way of bagoong which is sold in liquid state and packed in jars can be change in other state which is solid through
. Based on an existing study, it is possible for the bagoong sauce to change its form to a solid one.
Name of the Enterprise
The researchers want their product to be
. Thus they came up with the letter
to represent innovation and the word bagoong itself for the product. The researchers came up with
iBagoong Incorporated
that will serve as the trade name of the product.

Bagoong to Go!
will be the trademark given to the granulated bagoong marketed by iBagoong Incorporated which means that the product can be brought with
iBagoong Incorporated will be situate in
Barangay Calisagan, Mangatarem, Pangasinan
Sources of Raw Materials
The raw material which is the traditional bagoong will be picked up by the company truck from different establishments specifically from the biggest manufacturer of bagoong in Lingayen Pangasinan which are as follows:

Bernal’s Bagoong
JP Bagoong
Emer’sMaring Bagoong
Doro’s Bagoong

Nearness to the Market
Descriptive Definition of the Project
Project’s Long Range Objective
The “Bagoong to go!” produced by iBagoong Incorporated will be available in market all over Pangasinan province in Region I especially in Lingayen. Target consumers are mostly registered establishments selling and retailing bagoong around the area of concentration and the local and bulk buyers.
The product will be distributed in all supermarkets and small establishments in Lingayen and nearby towns in Pangasinan. All roads that lead to the main roads from the plant site are made of concrete to ensure the ease of transportation.
The study is on the feasibility of the production of granulated Bagoong from traditional Bagoong collected in different manufacturing establishment is Pangasinan.
iBagoong Incorporated aims to be one of the top and trusted provider of granulated bagoong. The company also plans an expansion not only in Northern Luzon but also in different Regions in the Philippines
Major Assumptions and Summary of Findings and Conclusions
Market Feasibility
The target market is supermarkets in

establishments in nearby towns
. The company will have a
market share of

based on the unsatisfied demand.
Technical Aspect
iBagoong industry needed
1275967.76 kg of bagoong/year
to meet the annual production of bagoong granules.
Bagoong granule making involves the process of series of:

• drying
• pulverizing
• granulation

The product will be basically packed using
made from
aluminum foil laminated with plastic

The net weight of the packed product will be
5 grams per sachet

Management Feasibility
Rules, benefits and services which cover all the employees will be initiated by the company and will be based on the Rules of the Republic of the Philippines.
Financial Feasibility
iBagoong Incorporated has a Total capital Investment of
36,214,275.08 pesos.
This amount shall be financed by 5 partners who will contribute
7,2442,855.02 pesos

Rate of Return of investment of

Pay Back Period of
4.28 years.

Socio-Economic Feasibility
The proposed business will benefit the economy through providing employment.
The business owners and business will pay their tax liabilities mandated by the law.
The location of our plant is close to the primary market.
The plant will be using an organic raw material and its processes ensure that no harmful and toxic chemicals, gas or liquid will be disposed off to the environment.
Company Logo
Packaging Labels
Schedule of Activities before Actual Plant Operation
All employees shall be working a maximum of
8 hours a day
5 days
a week for Administration Department
6 days
for Production Department
Company Mission
To produce and supply bagoong granules that will consistently fulfill and satisfy customer requirements.
Company Vision
iBagoong Incorporated envision to be one of the top and trusted provider of granulated bagoong and to expand the business not only in Northern Luzon but also in different Regions in the Philippines.
Organizational Chart
Qualitative Process Flow Diagram for Granulated Bagoong
Quantitative Process Flow Diagram for Granulated Bagoong
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