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Five Themes of geography of Dubai

No description

Kaari Dreyer

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Five Themes of geography of Dubai

Five Themes of geography of Dubai
People in Dubai get around in airplanes, boats, cars, trains, biking and walking. Ideas move around with wifi, newspaper, phone service and T.V. Goods and products get around with planes, trucks, cars and soon to be mailmen drones.
Dubai is in Asia. The capital of Dubai is Dubai. Some physical features of Dubai is, beaches, ocean, rivers/creeks and deserts. Some human features are, roads, houses and "unique" buildings. It is near Abu Dhabi. Which also has some of those characteristics.
Human Environment Interaction
Humans modify the environment by building shelter and adding power lines and water pipes. They add air conditioning to their houses and buildings to adapt to the hot weather. They hurt the environment by creating pollution from buildings and cars.
Human Features
secretsofhefed.com trendhunter.com sites.psu.edu leonardarenaissancewoman.blogspot.com propgoluxury.com
Dubai is located at 25 degrees North and 48 degrees East. Dubai is just North of Abu Dhabi.
Physical Features
diaryofadesertfox.com justtoursdubai.com
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