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US National Whitewater Center

Marketing Plan: To extend the reach of USNWC by targeting nearby prospects and boosting awareness as well as profits.

D. Nick Flory

on 6 March 2011

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Transcript of US National Whitewater Center

Strong presence in social media
Location: Charlotte is easily accessible and has had exponential growth in recent years
On the banks of the Catawba River and utilizes the water supply
Official Olympic training site Brand equity and recognition could be better promoted Threat of new entrants is relatively low giving USNWC an opportunity to own the market (monopoly)
Ability to team up with regional universities' clubs, classes and organizations
Vast number of medium size business to target and build relationships with
Summer camp involvement
Leverage relationships with icons in the field. Such as Joe Jacobi an Olympic Gold Medalist. Indirect competitors include: Charlotte Bobcats, Carowinds, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Greenville Bi-Lo Center
Direct competitors include: Wildwater Ltd
Overall econominc situation
Ability for prospects to experience the outdoors on their own. SWOT TIMELINE U.S. National Whitewater Center "THE WORLD'S PREMIER OUTDOOR RECREATION AND EDUCATION CENTER!" January 1, 2011:
Bi-weekly GSA Online and weekly newspaper ads begin (run through June 2011) January 1, 2011:
Brochures including USNWC advertisments go out via BMW Charity Pro-Am and continue through the end of the tournament January 1, 2011:
Direct mail to large and medium size businesses in the Greenville Metropolitan area go out March 1, 2011:
Radio Advertisements begin April 2011:
Greenville Drive season begins Starting in January:
Monthly sponsor dinners for professional organizations (1/month for 6 months) Dates: TBA June:
Continuing previous advertising May 19-22:
BMW Pro Am Golf Tournament STRATEGIES Communication Strategies Sponsorships Print ads/online ads with GSA Business - $20,000

GSA Daily– Online newsletter, banner ads - $4,800

Direct Mailing Group Sales Brochure - $25 per 50

Radio Ads, 13 week cycle - $8,000

In-house PR with Vocus software - $6,500 BMW Charity Pro-Am sponsorship package - $17,000 total

Greenville Drive sponsorship package - $10,000 total

Host Greenville Professional Association dinners - $9,000 total Pricing Current USNWC pricing plan reflects bundle-pricing and odd-even pricing; we agree with the various pricing options


Second Monday of every month, All-Sport pass for $29
Visit with your corporate group, receive voucher for 15% off next visit
Purchase All-Sport Pass for full price, return within 30 days for 50% off Target Market Large corporations in Greenville Area - Michelin, BMW, Fluor, Bi-Lo, etc. Medium-sized businesses, with a focus on first and second-generation home-grown businesses Additionally: young and middle-aged professionals and their families Created By: Nick Flory
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