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Sports Effects in health

No description

Zimry Hernandez

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Sports Effects in health

Why We Should Care
Physical: Sports keeps us in great shape.
Social: When we participate in sports, it gives us the chance to interact with people with similar likes.
Mental/Emotional: Exercise releases chemicals that alleviate stress and pain levels.
Common Excuse
One common excuse people use is that they don't have time for taking care of themselves. They say that with school and with their personal lives that they don't find time to stay fit.

My advice is to set your priorities straight. Do your homework earlier instead of watching tv, etc.
Example of Future Health Problems
One future health problem that we may have is diabetes if we don't stay fit. People with diabetes that start working out and getting fit in the end the diabetes goes away. Some diabetes can be prevented or cured
by fitness.
Graph By: Fabio R.
Medical Information
In any kind of sport it's always good to have commutation because if you don't actually communicate with your teammates there could be serious problems. Sports help your social life
Sports Effects in health

Marvin U.

Fabio R.

BY: Zimry H.
What happens when you don't have communication with your teammates?
You could get hurt~
Being `Selfish`
Being (Lost)
Or even getting kicked out from your own team~
Wouldn't improve social life
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