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West African Region

created by Mat Freeman and Ciera Dumas

Ciera Dumas

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of West African Region

West Africa
by Mat & Ciera Physical Geography Benin
Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast
Sierra Leone
Relative Location Countries Westernmost point of Africa, East of Atlantic Ocean, South of the Sahara Desert Landforms Deserts
Tropical Rain Forests

Climates Tropical Rainforest
Tropical Savvana
Desert Traditional People Who are they? Hapular ethnic groups make up most of the rural villages in West Africa
They are the natives of Western Africa and have inhabited the lands for hudreds upon thousands of years
They are people that reside in both Rural and Urban environments What are they like? Many are kind and welcome others of either their family or even complete strangers into their homes
The people have many beliefs and faiths
The Western Africans also enjoy listening to the cultural music of thier ancestors Issues in the Modern World Many of the Hapular ethnic people in West Africa are fighting poverty and have to live on less than a dollar a day
Most of the ethnic traditions in West Africa have little to no education, sanitation, or health care Government Republic----73%
Constitutional Democracy----13%
Military Junta----6%
Other----2% We believe that the West African governments are not effective due to the downgraded standard of living and economy. The per-capita income is only one-thousand, six-hundred U.S. dollars per year. The governments are starting to drive their people deeper into poverty and unsanitary means of living. Citations http://go.grolier.com
www.bing.com Popular Culture Many of the West African countries are starting to become more Urbanized and are using today's technology to benefeit them.
Some of the countries with large fish exports are having trouble due to piracy and unauthorized fish barges depleting the amount of fish in the lakes and oceans near the western countries.
The railways are now extremely popular for West Africans and have made much money.
West Africans use cars and trucks as transportation, but some still follow the ways of their ethnic groups, and ride cammel or mule

The Countries Today Would We Like To Visit This Area Today? Yes, we would want to visit this region of Africa because of its alternative lifestyles and different yet inspiring ethnic groups. We also would want to visit so that we could see all the environments and have the great experience of viewing other parts of the world. The one thing that might change our mind is the growing piracy and economy, but that is just another part of life in Western Africa.
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