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Siberian Husky

No description

Taylor Bush

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Classification:
Phylum- Chardata
Species- C.Iupus Shape:
Longish slender nose
Slender Pointed Ears
Oval Body, Four Legs Height
Male:21-23.5 inches
Female:20-22 inches

Male: 45-60lbs
Female: 35-50lbs
(16-23kg) Length: 44in. (112cm) Colors and markings:
All colors from black to white
Tend to have a wolf like appearance. Part of the World:
Alaska, United States,
Canada, and Siberia. Environment: They usually live in cold weather, but they can live in warm weather. (They just need lots of water and shade if they live in a warm climate.
(If they live in a home) Fish, Hamburger meat, chicken meat and skins, and animals fats. (If they live in the wild) Snow shoe hair, muscart, and small animals. They also don't eat plants. They are ominvores. Number of offsprings: 6-8
They are pregnant for 58-66 days; about 2 months Offsprings can be born anytime a year.
Huskies live in houses or backyards. Description Habitat Diet Family life Social behavior Gets along with their own kind but the contact with other household animals need careful handing and training.

Cats and other small animals are not suitable companions for this dog. Characteristics
They are friendly, gentle, alert and outgoing. This dog is a great sled dog. Sledding is in their heart and soul. Great escape artist. They can climb 8 foot fences with ballerina grace, and break tie-out chains and slip collars Siberian huskies are not really a fighting dog. They will bite or snap and might bare teeth or growl and bark.
If this dog is at a house the owner will give it food. If they are in Alaska or not with an owner they will chase food or pick it up off the ground. They live to be 12-15 year of age. History Originally breed by the Chukchi Tribe
to provide fast economical transportation.
From Siberia; hence the name of the dog "Siberian" Husky Huskies live with humans and are still used in sled racing. Relationship to humans: Dog sledding Sources:
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