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Star Wars vs Metropolis

No description

Amelia Wellers

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Star Wars vs Metropolis

VS METROPOLIS 0:36, 1:43 1) TROPES Star Wars Metropolis 1:15 Netflix 0:42: Robot Maria MIXING TROPES Star Wars IV- Introduces Tropes V: 0:31 to 0:33.30 Star Wars V: Mixing them! http://megashare.info/watch-star-wars-episode-iv---a-new-hope-online-TkRnM05nPT0 Necessary moments: 1:49, 1:53, 1:56.30 Star Wars VI: NOT Using them
unless absolutely necessary! Final Scenes Metropolis: 2:25 Star Wars: 2:05 http://www.jstor.org.ezproxy.library.tufts.edu/stable/pdfplus/3108403.pdf?acceptTC=true READING: WIlliams vs Wagner
by Irena Paulus Wagner links Williams and Huppertz
Themes in Operas In a galaxy far, far away... Other things to think about:
- Darth Vader, the man within the machine, vs Maria, the machine within the woman. Concepts of time: Space age vs the future, classical music fits both. Similarities in set design
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