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Final Creative Project

Maha Dahalan

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Converse

The Product The company Competitors CopyCats SWOT Analysis CONVERSE Main:

Men's wear

Women's wear

Kids' wear Started in 1908.

Focused on in the beginning.

Filed for bankruptcy in 2001.
Bought by Nike in 2003

Huge influence on and
Converse----------- 4%
K Swiss--------------2%
Adidas ----------------16%
Adidas Aldo Christian Dior Milano Spring Strengths:

Known worldwide

Diverse product line/offerings
(shoes, shirts, bags, jackets, hats)

Unique style

Weak advertising (due to being affected by recession or weak R&D efforts)

No global image

Informal products (not suitable for formal occasions)

Not suitable for use at a conference or job interview
Opportunities :
Expanding in to new regions (eg: EU)

Expanding in to new markets (eg: cheap shoes market, or market for slippers or high boots)

Promoting campaigns through sponsorship

Wide range in target audience (3 – 30 years old)
Hypercompetitive environment (adidas, nike)

Rising labor costs in china

Rising fuel prices

Perceived as only American style
? 1. Consumer insights:

Always seeking comfort, practicality, and timeless trends.

Like variety.

Work any lifestyle. (student, office worker, parent) Brand imperatives:

#1 brand of sneakers in America.

Offer a variety of colors/styles/designs.

Comfort and Practicality. Competitive Advantage:
Timeless Quality and Design
Customisation 2. Communication Objective:

Perceive Converse as the preffered brand for any day and occasion.

Feel as good as the shoes make you look.

Symbolize the artistic youthful person you are with Converse; Smart-casual-chic.
Selling idea:

Smart semi-formal/casual Look for the new target audience (High-end fashion lovers) Support:

Stylish for every situation.
Practical and Convenient.
Relatively Cheap
3. Creative Direction

• Brand Identity: the Converse name is known.

• Brand Personality: Converse is dependable.

• Brand position: Converse is always innovative.

• Brand Image: “Dress to Impress without Distress”.

• Creating Brand promise and brand preference: Comfertable casual wear --> Comfertable formal wear

•Inspiring Brand Loyalty: It'll always suit your lifestyle. The Campaign Media objective:

Introducing the new line through pathos and urging customers to act.

Stress Converse's innovation. Media Selection:

Hign fashion Magazines and Billboards
(Down to earth with style)

Radio and TV Channels (For difference targets)

Online websites (Linking to the Converse website)

Holding creative events in teenage hangouts (Ex. Jumeira)

Mall stands (Make your own.) Media Design: Class and Eligance

Clean and Chic.


Converse logo and colors (Black, White, Navy)
The End. Noor Nazzal @30411
Mariam Saadyeh @30537
Maha Dahalan @30853
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