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KPlano_IDT501_Final Presentation

The Bonnaroo website is exemplary of several of Mike Cooley's Human-Centered Design principles. Please view the following Prezi for details.

Krista Plano

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of KPlano_IDT501_Final Presentation

Krista Plano
IDT 501
Final Presentation Can you think of a website that meets the
test of three or more Human-Centered Design Principles? How can the same site fail at the following
Human-Centered Design Principles? Coherence Immediately evident,
embedded meaning Inclusiveness The user is welcomed to the
community. Then the user is invited to participate. Engagement My Account! Ownership Customized access and interactive
features Social networking
features Malleability Responsiveness Customizable functionalities My profile theme is grassy green! Options in accessibility and findability
that respond to user needs and preferences Human-Centered Design Principles Coherence
Responsiveness Panoramic
Transcendence The Bonnaroo website succeeds at
meeting several principles and fails at others: Succeeds Fails Purpose Homepage focuses on selling tickets and lacks
information regarding the scope of festival opportunities Important information is several clicks away Trancendence Fails to adequately present the
scope of the festival experience Panoramic This sub 2009 homepage should be more readily accessible to
provide the user with incentive and a better sense of the scope of the event. 2009 Site Capture No longer accessible but made
better use of homepage space Illustrates Panoramic
Design Principle
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