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AP Biology - Meiosis Lab

No description

Victoria Cheng

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of AP Biology - Meiosis Lab

What to know
Step 4: Anaphase 1
Step 2: Prophase 1
Cut off a 1 cm piece of each end of the inner two chromatids to indicate crossing over.
Step 3: Metaphase 1
4 different colored Gummy Worms
1 Paper Plate
Pair two chromosomes up with each other independently.
Line up the chromosomes in the middle of the cell.
Take each of the chromosome pairs and move them to opposite ends of the cell.
Step 5: Telophase 1 & Cytokinesis
As the cell starts to divide into two, it starts to form a cleavage furrow - cut the "cell" partway to signify this.
Eventually, by cutting all the way across the cell, cytokinesis will occur.
Step 6: Prophase 2
There should now be two separate cells (two plates) containing two double-stranded chromosomes each.
Step 7: Metaphase 2
Line up the chromosomes along the middle of each cell.
Step 8: Anaphase 2
The two chromosomes split and move toward opposite ends of cell.
Step 9: Telophase 2/Cytokinesis
Both cells split in half, creating 4 daughter cells (4 plates).
Each should have 2 single stranded chromatids (gummy worms) each.
Step 1: Interphase I
Victoria Cheng
Yaner Dai
Pauline Lao
Haley Lam
Anthony Tieu
Dennis Tran
Period 2, Lab Group 3
Created by:
Cut 4 gummy worms in half
vertically and place them in a small pile on a clean paper plate.
Meiosis Assessment
With the 8 pieces of gummy worm, create two pairs of sister chromatids.
Note: Each half of a gummy will count
as 1 chromatid.
Phases of Meiosis I and Meiosis II - What is the difference?
What happens in each phase?
Chromosome Activity - How many chromosomes are present at the end of each phase?
Prophase 1
Metaphase I
Cytokinesis 1 and Telophase
Prophase 2
Anaphase 2
Cytokinesis 2 and Telophase
Anaphase 1
Note: Make sure colors correspond with each other
Note: Have 2 students act as the centrioles on opposing sides and have another two act as the mitotic spindles that pull the chromosomes apart.
Note: The middle is called the metaphase plate.
How it should look like....
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