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Copy of Reported speech

No description

Núria Grima

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Reported speech

Uses ·Report what a person has said

·Speech marks are not used Reporting verbs Verb + infinitive agree, decide, offer, promise, refuse, threaten

Verb + object + infinitive advise, encourage, invite, remind, warn

Verb + gerund deny, recommend, suggest

Verb + object + preposition + gerund accuse, blame, congratulate

Verb + preposition + gerund apologise, insist

Verb + (that) + subject + verb admit, agree, decide, deny, explain, insist, promise, recommend, suggest Emma Forn and Soraya García Reported speech Tense changes Other changes Reported questions They have the same order as an affirmative sentence. Questions with question words They follow this stucture:
question word + subject+ verb Yes/no questions Ex: Who is he?
She asked who he was They follow this structure:
Verb + subject Ex: Are you honest?
He asked her if she was honest exemple:
where is this man?
She asked where that man was Exceptions ·If a speaker talks about a situation that still has not changed

·We don't change the verb after reporting verb in present

·We don't change the next modal verbs: could, might, should, would, need and had better Ex. Theft is illegal
She said that theft is illegal Ex.I didn't feel well yesterday
She says she didn't feel well yesterday Ex.They could be right
He said that they could be right
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