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William J. Clinton

No description

Hannah Ilgen

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of William J. Clinton

"We cannot build our own future without helping others to build theirs."
Fun Facts
November 16, 2,000, President Clinton was the first president to visit Vietnam.
last name was originally “Blythe”.
was the youngest governor (Arkansas).
Him and family lived in Arkansas Governor’s Mansion for 12 years.
was 46 years old when elected for president.
was the third youngest president.
last day of being president, gave 140 pardons.
negotiated peace in Northern Ireland between Protestants and Catholics.
was the first Democrat since Franklin D. Roosevelt to be elected to second term.
Second U.S president to be impeached.
Favorite foods were Mango ice cream, peanut butter, and bananas.
Our 42 President
attended Georgetown University
Senate Foreign Relations Commitee
Red Cross Volunteer
Entered Oxford University as a Rhode Scholar (2 years)
Entered Yale Law School in 1970
1972-worked in Texas as State Coordinator for Presidential nomination
governor of Arkansas for 12 Years
William J. Clinton

Mom's name: Virginia Blythe
Dad's Name: Bill Blythe
Step dad's Name: Rodger Clinton
Brother's Name: Rodger Clinton Jr.
Born, August 19,1946, In Hope, Arkansas
dad died before born
did not go to school when younger
grandmother watched bill for awhile
Loved playing Saxaphone
Work Cited

Gaines, Ann G. William Clinton. Mankato, MN: The Child's World, 1980. Print.
Kent, Zachary. William Jefferson Clinton. Chicago, IL: Childrens Press , 1993. Print.
Images from Google/Prezi
After Presidency
When Bill Clinton left office, created an amazing charity.
In 2,000, Al Gore ran for president against George W. Bush.
In 2,001, Bill Clinton left office when George W. Bush was the 43rd president on January 20th.
That same year, established the William J. Clinton Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to helping people all over the world.
A few years later Clinton was awarded, by Obama with Medals Of Freedom, for all of his charitable work.
Did you know that Clinton moved to a different state? Bill and his family moved to Chappaqua, N.Y.
Clinton keeps office in New York City and maintains an active speaking schedule.
He is still actively involved in issues of public concern, especially through work of the Clinton Presidential Foundation.
Clinton also retains a reputation as one of the most political analysts within the Democratic Party.

Bill Clinton was a democrat. His state that he represented was Arkansas. He became president in 1993, and his Inauguration Day was on January 20th 1993.
In November, 1996, Clinton won reelection to a second term as president.
On February 12, senators voted on whether to convict him on the articles of impeachment.
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