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Unit 15 : Career Development and Planning

No description

Nancy Dubb

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Unit 15 : Career Development and Planning

BTEC Unit 15 : Career Development and Planning
P5 + M3

Match the skill to the Occupation
SMART Learning Objectives
The road to success is not straight, it is bumpy, hard and complicated but it's WORTH IT!!!
Group 1 - Communication skills
Group 5 - Communication skills
Transferable Skills Group Research Activity

Using your handout to support you, you will need to explain to your peers:
What is your transferable skill
What methods might they use to upgrade this skill
What evidence can they use to show they have upgraded this skill

You need to record this information on the worksheet

What have we done so far?
Skills audit
Identified Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Opportunities
P2, P4, M1
Career development plan
Up to date CV
Evidence of Skills
SMART Targets

Time for P5 + M3.........

Self Assessment
PE Teacher
Transferable business skills include all of those skills that are necessary in all types of jobs
list three transferable skills from the list above

Group 2 -
ICT Skills
Group 6 -
ICT Skills
Group 3 -
Numeracy Skills
Group 4 -
Team Working Skills
Group 7 -
Numeracy Skills
Group 8 -
Team Working Skills

Rate Yourself on the learning Rocket

In the comment box write a summary of what you have learnt so far
P5 + M3 Assignment
Create a PowerPoint presentation to map out how you intend to develop your transferable skills. (P5)

In your presentation you should include;

1. Your strengths and weaknesses
2. How you are going to develop each of your skills. Include your strengths as these can always be developed further.
3. What evidence you will use to prove to future employers that you have developed these skills.(P5 & M3)

To achieve M3, your recommendations for developing skills must relate to your personal circumstances. You must justify how your solutions will improve your transferable skills. If you have already made progress towards any of your targets please explain here.
Give yourself:

Medal = Write down 2 things that are good about your piece of work

Mission = Something you want improve to make it even better next lesson

Student Mark Scheme
Now that you have looked at the assignment brief

You have 3 minutes to draw up your own mark scheme

Think how what can you do to meet the success criteria
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