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30 Tings About Me

30 Things About Myself

Casey Rowley

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of 30 Tings About Me

1. I'm 17 years old 2. I have one older brother 3. I have one younger sister 4. I have 3 ferrets 5. I go to Mesquite High School 6. I'm half German 7. I wear size 15 shoes. 8.I drive a Honda Civic 9. I'm a Junior in High School 10. I want to be a Bioengineer 11. I like the color purple 12. I love music 13. I live 2 miles from here 14.I love bologna sandwiches 15. I was born 1994 16. My brother is in the Army 17. I will attend ASU or NAU 18. I work at Stratum 19. I play football, and I also played for the Bears back in 2006 20. I love South Park 21. I love Family Guy 22. I want to volunteer for Hospice 23. I like Metal 24. I've been to half of the states 25. I love to golf 26. I play a lot of videogames 27. I like scary movies 28.My favorite food is pizza 29. I have a laptop 30. I go to community college
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