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Woo networks

computing - Networks

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Networks

Networks! Star network! Ring network! Bus network! Star network! File server in middle :) Work stations around it with printer :) Advantages: Easy to replace a computer Disadvantages: Lots of wires Advantage: No collisions of data Bus network! everything connected through one central wire! OMG All workstations at sides Advantage: Uses less wires so cheaper Disadvantage: Data collisions happen frequently Disadvantage: Data that collides has to be sent again...wasting time and effort Ring network All components in a circle with a token that goes round collecting and dropping off data Advantage: No data collisions Disadvantage: If one computer fails they all do Advantage: Fast to get all the data round if it is small amount of components Disadvantage: Works slowly if there is a lot of computers linked up.
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