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Ariela Press

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Luxembourg

By: Ariela Press, Sophie Roberts, and Abby Sebold Luxembourg Location This traditional Luxembourgish "garb" is very modest. This may look similar to colonial clothing worn during the 1700's in the United States. Today's clothing in the United States is very different. How is Luxembourg's current style different? Traditional Clothing and Present Day Fashion Luxembourg is located in
Western Europe.
It is bordered by France,
Belgium and Germany. National Coat of Arms National Flag Luxembourg's current fashion is much more modern such as in these pictures; the female model is wearing a paint splattered dress; the male model is sporting a grey blazer over a white t-shirt with light-wash jeans. Critical Information *Population-
Around 509,074

*Official Languages-
French, German, and Luxembourgish

*Major Industries-
Farming(dairy and meat), Tourism, Steel, and Banking.

Luxembourg is surrounded by Belgium,Germany,and France.
The Capital is Luxembourg City.
The main river that runs though it is the Sauer and the river that runs on the side closest to Germany is the Moselle Today employment is at a very low rate in Luxembourg (as well as many other European countries). A Problem Luxembourg is Facing Today Luxembourg's Cuisine We feel that Luxenbourg could solve this problem by opening their country to more industries therefore there would be more jobs for a wider array of people with talents that could support those industries. Grand-Duché de Luxembourg sauer Moselle Luxembourg City You may be wondering, what does Luxembourg look like? Luxembourg's Appearance Luxembourg City Vianden Castle Echternach Market Square Moselle Vineyards Luxembourg Palace Some of Luxembourg's Transportation Luxembourg's History Luxembourg cuisine reflects Luxembourg's place between the Latin and German worlds, drawing on the cuisines of France, Belgium and Germany. More recently, the food has been influenced by the country's many immigrants from Italy and Portugal. Luxembourg's Currency Luxembourg's currency is the euro it has been part of the system since 1999. Steel Portuguese Grilled Sardines Ariela & Sophie Ariela Sophie Abby, Ariela, & Sophie Sophie Ariela Abby Ariela During World War 2, the Nazis invaded and took over Luxembourg for the second time. However, the government refused to work with the German army. Luxembourg was taken under German rule. The French language was banned. Château Vianden City la Luxembourg Vignoble Moselle Palais la Luxembourg After the Nazis left Luxembourg the French language was unbanned Echternach Du Marché
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