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Perspective and Point of View

When referencing literature and other media, these concepts are easily confused. Here is a basic rundown.

Saun Anon

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Perspective and Point of View

Who is telling the story?
Point of View vs Perspective
Point of View
Different Perspectives
Point of View and perspective are actually two different things, but telling them apart can be confusing.

Simply put, perspective is
tells the story, and point of view is
they tell it. Still confused? Here's what I mean:
Choosing a perspective means choosing a
to tell the story. Stories are usually told through the eyes of a single character, sometimes this means it is told by the main character, but not always. The Sherlock Holmes tales, for instance, are always told from the perspective of Watson, Holmes' assistant.

Or, to look at it another way, video games like COD:Modern Warfare are always told from the perspective, or from the character, of American soldiers.
Selecting a point of view means deciding
to tell the story. Point of view is divided into the four methods you are familiar with in books or video games:
First person-
-The story is told as if the perspective character is telling it directly to you. The major pronoun here is I. In video games where you see directly through the eyes of the character, that is first person.
Second person--
This is probably the least used point of view in mainstream fiction. The story is told as if it is happening to the reader. The major pronoun here is you.
Third person-
-The story is told by a narrator outside of the story completely. When you play a video game and can see the character you are controlling, this is third person.
A student answers his phone in class because his Mom is in the hospital and he knows the doctor will be calling. His teacher does not know any of this information.
Teacher's perspective
: This student is disrespecting me, my classroom, and the other students by breaking the rules and using his phone.
Student's perspective:
This teacher is being disrespectful to me, my Mom, and family by yelling at me for answering.
Which point of view?
A Different Perspective...
*What was the unique perspective of this video?

*How did this perspective make you see things differently?

How can perspective add to, enhance, or change a story?
Perspective tells us either what lens or who is telling the story. Is it the soldiers or the lions in Baghdad telling the story? Is it the good guy or the bad guy in a video game telling us the story?

Point of view is different because it tells us HOW a story is told to the reader or viewer. This could be told through the eyes of the main character or it could told from an outsider telling the story to the reader
What Point of View?
Which point of view?
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