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Explain Factual Information Presented Graphically

Lesson 29

Stacie Garrett-Diaz

on 13 July 2014

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Transcript of Explain Factual Information Presented Graphically

Nonfiction provides a lot of facts and details.
Often, some of this information appears in a visual, or graphic, form.
When you see a graphic, ask yourself, "What is this graphic trying to show me?"
Usually, the title will give you a good idea.
lists facts, figures, and other information.

For example, when you read a recipe, you probably see a list of ingredients.
When you read directions for doing an experiment, you might read a list of equipment needed.
is a type of chart.
It presents information in columns and rows.
The columns go up and down.
The rows are horizontal.
There is a heading at the top of each column.
There is a title or label at the side for each row.
You read a table by connecting the information in the columns and rows.
displays numerical information.
It helps you see the relationship between two or more sets of numbers, called
Bar Graph
bar graph
shows bars of different heights.
The height of each bar indicates how much or how many.

Suppose you were creating a
bar graph
to compare how much lemonade you sold over the course of 5 days. On Monday, you sold 23 glasses; on Tuesday, 17 glasses, on Wednesday, 25 glasses; on Thursday, 5 glasses; and on Friday, 15 glasses.
Which day would have the highest bar?
Pie Graph
pie graph
shows sections of a pie.
The larger the section, the more of something there is.
is a drawing.

For example, a writer might use a diagram of a bicycle to help you understand how it works.
is drawing or a diagram of a place.
It may show the entire world, a country, a state, a city, or even just a street.
It may show states and towns, or it may show physical features such as lakes, rivers, and mountains.
Some maps have a compass rose that shows direction.
Comprehension Tip
Explain Factual Information Presented Graphically
Understand the TEKS
4.13(B) Explain factual information presented graphically.

Figure 19(D) Make inferences about text and use textual evidence to support understanding.

Words to Know
Bar Graph
Pie Graph
Think About This...
What would you expect to see
in a chart titled,
"The Solar System"?


*Write your answer in your IAN
Make connections between the information in the graphics and the information in the main body of the text.
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