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Dream Vacation Houser

Description of Dream Vacation

Austyn Houser

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Dream Vacation Houser

FOOD!!!!!!!!!!! The weather is on average upper 60’s in the daytime and low 40’s at night.
In total, rainfall is around 3” during the in between two month duration of Oktoberfest Climate in Munich, Germany!!! How to Get TO Munich, Germany Hotels in Munich Germany OKTOBERFEST This is a 16 day festival, held for the celebration of beer {18 years or older ;)}! It’s the world’s largest fair, with an estimated six million people annually. This is no place for “just drinking folk”, there is also a wide variety of authentic food {some rides and games for the kids }!
By: Austyn Houser Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
Grand entry of the Oktoberfest landlords and breweries Date: Saturday, 21st September 2013, 10.45 am and lasts about 45 minutes.
Route: Sonnenstraße-Schwanthalerstraße to the Oktoberfest grounds.

This is the official prelude to the opening of the Oktoberfest and involves about 1,000 participants, including the landlords' families in decorated carriages, the magnificent horse-drawn drays of the Munich breweries, waitresses on decorated floats and all the beer tent bands.
Germany is located in Europe, overseas. My means of transportation will consist of traveling by airplane, and landing in Munich (Flughafen München). From there, I will be able to walk to my hotel. It’s a total distance of 4,838.01mi and will be about a 10 hour non-stop flight. The flight (if booked in advance) will cost about $1,000.
. . Hotel Conorde ($116.00)
Four star hotel, rated 8/10 by visitors.
Family ran, soundproof rooms, free Wi-Fi, buffet breakfasts, and a 24 hour front desks.
Natural Stone Bathroom, Cable T.V., and Munich Airport is a 35min. walk away. . . Westin Grand Munich ($170.00)
Five star hotel, rated 8.3/10 by visitors.
Offers two resturants, beer garden, 16,145ft squared spa and 24 hour gym.
42” flat screen T.V., Marble Bathrooms, and Munich Airport is about 28min. walk away . .
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