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Occupational Profile: Family Physician

Occupational Profile of a Family Physician

Niv Raja

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Occupational Profile: Family Physician

Family Physician Job Description What is a Family Physician? Additional Job Titles? Daily Duties General Practioner
Family Doctor N.O.C. Number: 3312 Counsel and support patients on their health issues

Provide continous care to patients

Write reports to governmental authorities

Diagnose patients, perform X-rays, blood tests, evaluate patients’ medical and physical health

Perscribe and administer medications and treatments

Provide advice to patients

Working Conditions Work in offices, clinics, hospitals, and medical organizations

Work long, irregular hours, especially when first starting out

May have to work long evenings and weekends

9 to 12 hours a day, 50-65 hours per week

Hours depend on how much you want to make May be difficult to balance personal/family time Self- employed Salary Work for hospitals Paid by government Fixed salary + benefits Average income is $200 000 Annual income is slighly less than $100 000 to upwards of $250 000 When in intership/resdiencies income is $42000 to $60 000 annually Salary may grow though years of experience, after obtaining a good reputation, establishing a solid group of patients Employability Skills Communication Skills
Write and speak to others, must write reports
Listen and ask questions from patients, able to respond effectively
Use relevant medical knowledge to explain health information
Ability to Learn Continuously Learn about new things
Set goals for yourself to learn
Demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours Work honestly, and maintain morals/ethics, deal with problems effectively

Show interest into the field, and interest when communicating to patients

Recognize other peoples efforts
Transferable Skills Attention to detail I tend to be a perfectionist at times Ability to multi-task and manage time I hand work in on time, and can manage my schedule Ability to Adapt I am able to adapt quickly to new technologies and ideas Listening Skills You need to be able to listen to others effectively, which I can do Punctuality Be on time, and attend frequently Who Am I Assessments Interests Top reccomendation was Medical & Health True Colours Gold Green Knowledge and ideas imporant
Understanding why things work in a certain way You are responsible
Learning Styles Auditory and Tactile Learning
Learn best by hearing and by doing hands-on
Needed because of lots of years in a competitive school environment High School Plan Grade 11 & 12: Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics (reccomended), English

Courses may vary depending on specific program and school Post Secondary Pathway Plan Go to university for 3 to 4 years, and obtain a Bachelor of Science/Health Science Entry requirements include:

Mid 80's and upwards to be considered
Possible a Supplementary Application

After, go to Medical school for 4 years
Must pass MCATs before applying
Receive a Doctors of Medicine degree after Medical school 2 to 3 years of Residencies/Internships in family medicine Complete qualifying examinations from the Medical Council of Canada and College of Family Physicians of Canada
Obtain a licence from the licensing authority in the province/territory where you'll work. Post secondary education may take upwards of 10 years Potential Barriers Academic Barriers Financial Barriers
10 years of additional schooling is expensive Related Occupations Anything in the medical field

Chiropractor, surgeon, etc. fUTURE eMPLOYMENT pROSPECTS Good future employment prospects
The current unemployment rate is 0%
70% of family physicians are self-employed
Expected retirement of baby-boomers
Always needed, around the world
Increase in group medical practices

Trends Computerization: Increase in Technology Technology is noticeably increasing in health industry
Increasement in Health Service Jobs More job opportunites in future The End
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