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Children's Ministry Training 2/16

No description

Abby Burg

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Children's Ministry Training 2/16

Saturday, February 16 at Jamestown Alliance Church Children's Ministry Training Good morning, everyone! Thank you for coming! Be sure to check in a registration
to receive your materials.
Also, feel free to grab a cup of coffee! 1 Broken, Burned Out, or Bored
In Children's Ministry • What made these tasks difficult to complete?
• What parallels can we draw from this experience to ministry in
a small church? Tackling the Small Church Challenge Clarifying the terms Helping Kids Achieve Bible Literacy Before you leave, please take a moment
to fill out the "Seminar Feedback" form
in your folders before you leave. Prayer Stations Creative Worship for Kids We'll get started at 9:45 with a devotion from
Karen Carlson, missionary to children in Peru. “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” - 1 Thessalonians 5:16 Let's take a few moments to write down our frustrations, hurts, or negative feelings and leave them at the foot of the broom tree. With hands open and held out, we can now receive the gifts that God can give us as we teach and train children. 2 What does this tell us about the impact of our ministry to children when we spend time
teaching them about God’s word? What do these verses tell us about
the responsibility of having the gift
of teaching? • Describe your prayer station to us.
What does it ask children to do?

• For which age group(s) would you
recommend this prayer station?

• What do you like or dislike about
this prayer station? Is there
anything you would add or take
away from it? The Five Senses
of Easter Which station did you connect with most strongly?
Smelling? Color red. Tasting? Color yellow. Touching?
Color green. Seeing? Color blue. Hearing? Color purple. Coffee Break! Think about it... James 3:3-5 The Almighty Dollar The Volunteers I Wish I Had The M.I.A. Dilemma The Roller Coaster The Jump The Crunch Understanding the systematic set-up of the Bible
The ability to skillfully navigate the Bible M S A L L Start with a plan Move to Plan B Always focus on relationships Let Kids Engage Laugh! 3 What does this mean for us?
What does this mean in our
role as teachers? 4 What does this verse tell us about teaching? 5 What does this teach us
about the responsibility
we bear as teachers? 6 What do these verses
tell us about God's desire
for our approach to
teaching? 7 What does this tell us about
God's role in our ministry? There are giants in the land! Songs
Balloon Bop
Cup Building
Lego Building
Verse cover-up 2 Timothy 2:14
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