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My digital and analogue way of learning

No description

Elke Lackner

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of My digital and analogue way of learning

Is there a better way?
My digital and analogue way of learning
I used to use these dictionaries
Now I usually use the little "lion"
always up-to-date
I used to read traditional books
Now I always have lots of books with me
no waste of place in my bookshelves
I have so many of them
I never find the right one -
the one I want to listen to
It helps me to find what I'm looking for
it's in my handbag
The analogue way of taking photos
I had to buy films
Is the new (digital) way the better one?
too huge for my handbag
not up-to-date
more than one language
fits into my handbag
too many for my suitcase
no more place on my bookshelves
more than one book to read
Classical books are for free
they are always at home
more than one band or singer to choose
it's perfect, when I go for a walk and want to repeat some vocab
the battery was always empty
I used to have it at home in a drawer, never in my handbag
I didn't know if the photo was fine
The digital way
I always have it with me
I don't forget to recharge it
I can immediately check the photos
I can send the photos to my friends
it's mobile
it's flexible
it's modern
it's comfortable
BUT: I still buy traditional books
I still take analogue photos
I still buy traditional CD and even LP
I don't think one can say that there is a better way of learning. It's a different one. Both - the digital and the analogue ways - have their strong and their weak points. Let's stop thinking in black and white or good and bad - let's profit of both ways. The learning process must be diversified - the right mixture makes the difference.
Elke Lackner, Graz (Austria)
often dusty
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