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Lab: Magnetic Field In A Slinky Rodolfo Carrera,

No description

Rodolfo Carrera

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Lab: Magnetic Field In A Slinky Rodolfo Carrera,

Preliminary Questions
2. As the magnetic field increases so does the current. Therefore, directly proportional.
By: Rodolfo Carrera,
Kevin Do,
Teryna Leyba,
Daisy Medina

Lab: Magnetic Field In A Slinky
Determine the relationship between magnetic field and the current in a solenoid.
Determine the relationship between magnetic field and number of turns in the solenoid.
Study the values inside and outside the solenoid.
Determine the value of μ0 (Constant).
Preliminary Questions Pt.2

3. "...How does the magnetic field inside the solenoid seem to vary along the length" ?
The magnetic field strength is strongest at the center of the slinky.

4. Magnetic field intensity outside the solenoid.
Outside the solenoid, the magnetic field is extremely weak.
2. " What happens if you rotate the white dot the opposite way? ...point is perpendicular to the axis of the solenoid?

When the sensor faces the opposite direction,the magnetic field strength decreases. When the white dot is pointed perpendicular to the axis of the solenoid, we got a reading very close to 0.
1. "...What direction is the white dot pointing? "
The white dot is pointing to the left.
6. The more turns our slinky had, the strong the magnetic field was. Again directly proportional.
Calculating Percent Difference
Lab Pro
Magnetic Field Sensor
Ac Adapter
USB Cable
3 Wires with Alligator Clips
Power Supply
DMM - Ammeter
Blue Tape
Meter Stick
11. Our slinky was positioned along the east- west axis. Although there is the earth's magnetic force, zeroing the sensor would erase any interference.
Data Table One
- After lab, we have determined the relationship between magnetic fields and current in solenoid. As well as magnetic fields and turns in a solenoid.

- Determined μ0= 2.3x10^-6

- Current incerease↑ means Magnetic Field increases↑, vice versa.

-As turns per meter increase, so does the Magnetic Field.

- Length of slinky affects the turns per meter

- %Difference: 83%

- Sources of error: Human error(shakey hands), denatured slinky.
Data Table Two
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