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Human Battery Power

No description

elizabeth cortez

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Human Battery Power

By: Elizabeth Cortez & Abraham Aguilar Human Battery Power Will the human body work as a battery and produce an electrical current? Problem The human body will work as a "human battery power." Hypothesis -Copper Plate
-Aluminum Plate
-Micro Ammeter
-2 Alligator/Crocodile Clips
-Lead Wire
-2 Blocks of Wood
-A human Volunteer Materials Independent


Controlled Variables 1. Mount the copper and aluminum plate to separate the blocks of wood.
2. Connect one of the micro ammeter terminals to the copper plate and attach with a crocodile clip.
3. Connect the other micro ammeter terminal to the aluminum plate and attach with another crocodile clip.
4. Have the human volunteer stand between both plates while holding each one in their hands.

Second Version
5. Follow Steps 1-4
6. Place both hands in water.
7. Once again have a human volunteer (with wet hands) stand between the plates and hold each one. Procedure Result Conclusion References http://www.sciencefairadventure.com/ProjectDetail.aspx?ProjectID=135 Placing your hands on the metal plates causes the effect of a battery charge. Your hands contain a thin film of sweat that produces a chemical reaction similar to battery acid when placed on the metal plates. Your hands take negatively charged electrons away from the copper plate and transfer them to the aluminum plate, causing it to be negatively charged. The variance in charges between the places produces an electrical current which flows through your body and displays on the meter.
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