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Roald Dahl-Boy, pages 38-52

No description

Majo Tear

on 19 September 2011

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Transcript of Roald Dahl-Boy, pages 38-52

Roald Dahl –Boy, pages 38-52 (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr On page 39. "There was a faint scent of danger in the air now". What does it mean? It means that as Mrs. Pratchett wasn`t in the candy shop, and it was closed with the candies dropped in the floor, they started to feel uncomfortable and nobody talked because they knew something was wrong and they were worried about

What had just happened. It demand for silence and he wanted to found the one who put the rat on the candy-shop

Question 1 Question 2 What did the Deputy Head demand? Question 3 Who did Mrs.Pratchett point at first? She pointed with her dirty finger straight at thwaites Question 4 What was strange about the way Mr. Pratchett spoke? That dreadful high-pitched voice behind me screeching and he repeted lots of time “Arder”

Question 5 how did the writer describe having the cane. A long yellow cane wich curved rond the top like a walking stick Question 6 Write a full paragraph describing the source of Roald Dahls pride in the chapter "The Great Mouse Plot". Why does this event make himself feel so good about himself? Question 7 How does Roald Dahl build suspense in the chapter "Mr Coombes"? Question 8 In "Mrs. Pratchetts Revenge", in the end, do you think that young Roald Dahl felt remorseful for what he did? Why or Why not? Describe in detail. Question 9 Give a detail description of Mr. Coombes and Mrs. Pratchett, and then talk about what they have in common. Question 10 Summarise the main events of the section Roald felt good about himselfbecause he was the one who had the courage to put the rat in the jar. the otherones distracted Mrs.Pratchett. There are many parts were Roald made suspense. One is when they passed the shop and they saw that inside the jar was broke in peaces on the floor and the rat also on the floor. Another part were Roald created suspense was when the director and Mrs.Pratchett look in all the litle boys of the school tof ind the boys, and in the end they found them. Roald didn´t felt remorseful because his mother was going to change him from that school because she couldn´t believed that the school hit her son, she didn´t agree on that Mrs.Pratchett had a mere sight of her grimy right hand with its black fingernails digging an ounce of chocolate fudge out of a jar would have caused a tarving tramp to go running from the shop, a thing that the boys hated about her was her meaness.
Mr.Coombes was a giant man and had a rusty- coloured hair that sprotued in a tangle all over the top of his head. He was a perfectly normal being. The boys were punished because of the bad joke they played
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