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Holographic Organization

No description

William Dave

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Holographic Organization

Holographic Oganization
Principle 1 :
Build the "Whole" Into the "Parts"
Visions, values, and culture as corporate "DNA"
"Networked intelligence"
Structures that reproduce themselves
Holistic teams diversified roles
Principle 2 :
The Importance of Redundancy
In information processing
In skills and the design of work
Principle 3 :
Requisite Variety
Internal complexity must match that of the environment
(Different structures inside)
Principle 4 :
"Minimum Specs"
Define no more than is absolutely necessary
Fit for purposes
Principle 5 :
Learn to Learn
Scan and anticipate environmental change
Double-loop learning
Emergent design
Made By: Dave
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