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Adelina's Whales

Unit 4 Week 4

Jayna Cooper

on 12 February 2011

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Transcript of Adelina's Whales

Rumbling We knew the picnic was over when we heard thunder rumbling What other things can you think of that could be rumbing? Snoring When something is rumbling, it makes a heavy, deep rolling sound. If you are snoring, you are making noise as air passes through your nose and mouth while you sleep. Grandpa sometimes woke himself up with his own loud snoring. What other creatures might be heard snoring besides humans? Unique Anything unique is one of a kind. We enjoyed the unique architecture of Chinatown. What is unique about you? Dove Dove is the past tense of the verb dive. Eduardo dove off the diving board into the pool. Think of a word spelled like dove, but with a different meaning and pronunciation, and use it in a sentence. Massive If something is massive, it is very large. The Rocky Mountains still looked massive from up above in an airplane. What is an antonym for massive? Tangles Tangles are snarls, twists, or knots. It was not easy to get the tangles out of my hair this morning. What types of materials are likely to end up in tangles? Politicians Politicians are people who work in government jobs. Our mayor is one of the state's finest politicians. Describe something you might have to do on the job.
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