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Confrontation on the Bridge

By: Jacob Lawrence

Brilee Wright

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of Confrontation on the Bridge

Confrontation on the Bridge
by: Jacob Lawrence

For my prezi, I will be basing my Art Criticism on the painting "Confrontation on the Bridge" by Jacob Lawrence. I will be using the four steps of art criticism, Description, analysis, Interpretation, and Judgement to give you my opinions on the painting.
by: Brilee Wright
In Jacob Lawrence painting, he uses great lines, colors, shapes, value, and space. He uses an excellent color scheme and shapes as well as lines to create such emotion on the people's faces in his artwork. He uses many vibrant colors drawing your eyes to several parts of the painting making the painting very dramatic. He uses the space excellently showing the water underneath the bridge, people backing off the bridge, mountains in the back, and the wolf slowly making it's way onto the painting.
On this specific painting, there's many principles of design, such as: variety, movement, emphasis, and a asymmetrical balance. Variety is shown with the colors, from red, blue, yellow and then black and gray to lay under those vibrant colors. Variety can also be seen as you examine the people and their body shapes, faces, and facial expressions. Each person in the painting as their own personality and no two are alike. Movement is shown by the people seeming to back off the bridge slowly as the wolf slowly but surely makes his way onto the bridge. I mainly see emphasis on the people and their clothing as well as the wolf's mouth. But, the vibrant blue on the bottom of the painting shows emphasis on what seems to be water flowing beneath the bridge. Asymmetrical Balance is shown by all the heavy colors and activity on one side of the painting while the other is filled with darker grays and blacks and the wolf moving in.
MY interpretation on the painting is that the Artist is using emotionalism. I believe the Artist to be using this type of aesthetic theory because of the mood the painting sets. The painting seems to give off a frightening feeling to it with the dark and vibrant colors. You can feel the emotion of terror as you look at the people's faces as they stay huddled and slowly trying to move backwards on the bridge. The emotional feeling is very much there as you look at the painting and study the people's facial expressions.
Final Thought:
I believe that this is very successful work of art. I think the artist used such a wonderful combination of color and shapes along with principles like movement and variety. The artwork portrays emotionalism, which seems to be a very popular aesthetic theory. The colors, shapes, emotion on the people's face proves this artwork portrays emotionalism.
I really enjoy this painting. I think the artist did such a beautiful job bringing the painting to life and using such emotion and vibrancy. This truly is such a wonderful and unique painting that I'd definitely love to see hanging on a wall some where nice and vibrant. I absolutely truly love this painting. The artist did such a wonderful job.
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