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In this prezi Iwill give you informaition about peanuts and who grew them

brice vandiver

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Peanuts

George Washington Carver had a class. The people in the village were ruining the soil by planting cotton. The cotton ruined the soil by sucking all the nutrients out of the soil. Then George Washington Carver made his class plant peanuts. (Goobers) They didn't like the idea at first. After they planted the peanuts they found out that they actually can be useful. After the people found out the peanuts could be useful George Washington Carver made over 300 uses for the peanut including peanut butter. Then he got to show all of his creations for the peanut to important people. He had to enter through the back door, because colored men were not allowed in the building. When George Washington Carver was a boy he wanted to go to school. There was a school down the street from where he lived. He asked his owner if he could go to school but his owner said that the school was only for white kids. Every day he would grab a spelling book and go down to the school to catch the lessons.
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