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Visualization of Research

No description

Keita Bando

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Visualization of Research

Visualization of Research 5 August, 2012 #dtk43 free reference manager Mendeley is
Self-archiving platform Mendeley is
the center of new metrics @KeitaBando Mendeley is .. Mendeley is
free reference manager User Documents Mendeleev Mendel Paul, Victor, Jan
German PhD students
2007 Features Overview Free Reference Manager Read and Annotate your PDFs Add papers from anywhere Collaborate Backup, Sync and Mobile Network and Discover 1,850,698 Members 272,721,082 1,379 members CC BY Mendeley.com on flickr 2007 2011 2009 2010 2012 2008 OpenAccessDay OpenAccessWeek Recent Activities OR2011 @ Austin, US OAI7 @ Geneva, Switzerland OR2012 @ Edinburgh, UK London, UK How many users does Mendeley have in Japan? (geolocated data based on IP address) who list Japan as their location. 38,694 users 8,931 users From the domain "%@%ac.jp" (incl. subdomains) (registered with
"%@%XXX.ac.jp") Estimation Tokyo Kyoto 3,688 824 3,296 922 (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Osaka 486 1,944 Top 3 @ac.jp domains via JISC DURA Project sync Mendeley profile with IR Altmetrics tool @MyOpenArchive What is Altmetrics? altmetrics: Tracking scholarly impact on the social Web – altmetrics.org Reading Impact Publishing Thank you :) Mendeley free reference manager center of new metrics Self-archiving platform Self-archiving platform center of new metrics not only but also Mendeley Advisor Ryoji Fukada (Chairman, Swets Japan) "The Diving Mirror Glass Metaphor" Summary
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