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Mercury by Caden Hain

No description

Shannon Cross

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Mercury by Caden Hain

By Caden Hain
Fun Facts
Could we live on Mercury?
Thanks for listening!
Mercury's physical features
The planet Mercury has many features similar to the moon.It is one of five terrestrial planets and is the smallest planet in the solar system.
Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, but not the hottest because it has no atmosphere.The surface temperature can range from -173 degrees celsius to 426 degrees celsius.It is the most cratered planet.
We could not live on mercury for many reasons. 1.The dry planet has no water. 2.There is no atmosphere to provide oxygen. And 3,the soil cannot grow crops.
In partner with
Coming soon to theaters
Producer: Caden Hain
Director: Caden Hain
Designer: Caden Hain
Head of Animation: Caden Hain
...coming soon
June 9th
May 4th
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