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on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of bvchchcxcx

Cost of room and board
In UCLA, the cost of the room and board is $14,232
Admission and Requirements
The admissions and requirements are (a) History/Social Science 2 years, (b) English 4 years, (c) Mathematics 3 years, (d) Laboratory Science 2 years, (e) Language other than English 2 years, (f) Visual and Performance Art [VPA] 1 year, and (g) College Preparatory Electives 1 year
Scholarship Information
What is the schools vision and mission
UCLA's vision is a world-class leader in life long learning, the mission is to provide knowledge and connection for people to achieve their personal and professional goals.
The enrollment of the university is 42,190 in 2013
What is the college it known for
UCLA is known for their film school and having the top medical program which is one of the top ten in nation
The colors of the university, UCLA, are blue and gold
Who was the founder of that university
The founder of UCLA which stands for University of California, Los Angeles was founded in1919 by Edward Dickson
The Scholarship Resource Center was build at UCLA in 1996. It was build to help students provide Scholarship information, resources, and support service. It was regardless of Financial Aid and it primarily assist undergraduates students at UCLA. It offers resource for graduates students as well. Every service they have is provided with no charge.
Location/Address and pone number of school
The location, address and phone number are
Location: Westwood
Address: Los Angeles, CA 90095
phone number: (323) 825-4321
The demographics of UCLA is:
African American- 1,802 (3.8%)
American Indian/ Alaska Native- 159 (0.6%)
Asian/ Pacific Islander- 9,965 (34.8%)
Hispanics- 5,156 (18.0%)
White- 7,964 (27.8%)
domestic, race/ethnicity unknown- 972 (3.4%)
International- 3,376 (11.8%)
UCLA offers over 125 undergraduates majors in five academies.
by: Jessica Perez

What are the colors of the school
The acceptance rate of UCLA are 20.1% in 2013
Cost of Tuition
The cost of tuition of the university UCLA is $11,220
Financial Aid
The Financial Aid of this university is $15,075 which is how much they will cover you and 87% will get into it.
The mascot of UCLA is a Bruin Bear.
UCLA has many different type of sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, golf, cheerleader, gymnastics, softball, baseball, and etc....
UCLA has with more than 800 clubs and the students organization is a mosaic of culture and activities
Acceptance Rate
What do you want in College
What I want in college is to learn what I need to learn to become someone in life. Also to have a good career and to earn money to get a good house and a good life.
Why have you chosen this school? Why do you think it is a good fit for you?
I chosen this school because it is really nice and UCLA offers you many thing like sports ,organization, clubs and etc...
It will be a good fit for me because it is close by and I could save money on things like gas. Also it gives you opportunities to receive scholarships.
Thanks for watching!!!!!
Famous Graduates
Some famous graduates of UCLA are Jackie Robinson, Kareem Abdul- Jabber, Jim Morrison, Reggie Miller, Kevin Love, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, James Dean, and etc......
UCLA offers over 125 undergraduates majors in five academies
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