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Rising 9th grade Prezi

Presentation to returning 9th grade students

Tim Munnerlyn

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Rising 9th grade Prezi

9th Grade Student Orientation
Welcome to High School!
Academics (College/Career)
Service - 10 Hours
Where to go for HELP?
Peer Pressure
Where do we go tomorrow?
ACS Athletics and Activities
Mr. Macaulay
ACS Community Service
Mrs. Russell
Top Tips/Advice for Rising 9th Graders
ACS counselors provide an accessible program that is comprehensive, developmentally appropriate and addresses the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students.

American Community School Counseling Mission Statement
Laura Berntson - A-E
Jane Lowery - F-Mc
Tim Munnerlyn - Md-Z
Heather Kaddoura - Admin. Assistant
Sarah Robison - Student Support
As student advocates, ACS counselors work in partnership with students, educators, parents and the community, to foster an inclusive and collaborative school environment central to the success of the ACS mission.
Every student has the right to have a caring adult advocate
Every student should feel safe, supported, and accepted
Every student is unique, capable, and developing as an individual
Every student, with support, possesses the ability to advocate for themselves and generate solutions to problems
Students learn through a variety of learning styles, depth and comprehension
Students should maintain balance with their academic and non-academic lives
Counselors should work within professional counseling code of ethics and adhere to standards of confidentiality
Our counseling program requires continual review and revision in order to meet the needs of the school

This We Believe
Self Advocate/Independent
Academic Rigor
Amira Al Subaey
Rotating Schedule
Seek Specific Help
Proactive on Large Projects
Practice your Global Language
Find Ways to Be Involved - Sept. 16th
The Schedule
How to use Study Hall
No Regrets
How does one eat an Elephant?
Is the Handbook important?
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