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Open House


Kirsten Goldman

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Open House

Welcome to Third Grade!
School rules.....
If your child is absent, please write a note in their planner. I cannot excuse a day at the beach or other family fun activities. Doctors appointments or sicknesses will be excused.
General Policies
Be sure to complete the dividend form on-line on the Seminole County Public School website.
We start dismissing students promptly at 2:00, Wednesday at 1:00. Be sure to notify the office well in advance if there is a change in transportation.
Classroom doors open at 7:40 and academics begin promptly. If your child arrives after 7:50 they are tardy and they are already falling behind on their class work.
We LOVE yummy treats!! I only request that the treat is something your child can pass out easily. Your child will pass out their special treat during lunch. (Then we will run off all of that sugary goodness at recess instead of during reading lessons!) Some examples are cupcakes, cookies or even pre-cut rice crispy treats.
Calling all Volunteers
Classroom dividend?

*Fall Rotations
*Frosty's Feast
*End-of-Year Party
Cut & paste at home?

*Help prep for activities
Chaperone field trips?

*Science Center
*Environmental Center
Our Classroom
Every single night: Read 20+ minutes!

Every Monday we will take a pretest. Spelling HW is required for all students not scoring 90% or higher.

Vocabulary words and definitions are in the newsletter. We also have a Reading website where the students can play games in order to practice their vocabulary!! The vocabulary test will be on Friday.

Math-there will (usually) be a worksheet Monday -Thursday. I will notify you in the planner if a test is coming up. If they lose their homework, you can go to Thinkcentral and print out the assignment from the "Benchmark" workbook.

RRJ - Reading Response Journals
The Mastery Club
7:40-8:05 Morning work
8:05-8:45 Specials
8:45 Snack (Healthy)
8:50-10:50 Reading & Language Arts
10:50-11:06 Recess
11:06-11:36 Lunch
11:36-11:45 Read Aloud
11:45-12:15 Intervention
12:15-1:30 Math
1:30-1:55 Science/Soc. Studies
1:55-2:00 Pack-up
2:00-2:20 Dismissal
Daily Schedule
The BFF Club
**These are optional activities**
Gifted Curriculum
These are voluntary activities that students can do in addition to their weekly homework. If they successfully complete and turn in assignments by
they will then be invited to that Friday's BFF Club meeting. These weekly activities will be coming soon!!
Ancient Cultures
Space Science
In addition to the CORE standards that all 3rd grade students are expected to master, we have the opportunity to incorporate gifted components, strategies, and concepts on a day to day basis and not just once per week.
Mastery Club is designed to motivate students to seek out and challenge themselves to learn something new.
Students decide which of the 86 challenges they would like to learn about. Students use references and the online links to learn the answer the question, becoming a “1 Star Member.” When 16 challenges have been mastered, students become members of the Hall of Fame. Students track their progress and determine their route through the challenges in this self-directed program.
Challenges across the Curriculum
MATH - Fractions and Elapsed Time
READING - Selecting "good fit" books
and digging deeper into the text
WRITING - Expanding responses to include evidence of critical thinking
Graded Papers
Please go over any assignments your child did not do well on.
If you don't seem to be getting any assignments... remember you can check "Skyward" at any time.
Text Messages
Mrs. Goldman 312-377-1356
Please text me with questions or concerns. I will try to get back to you ASAP.
We are reaching out to help our Croc Families in need. Various items are being accepted on a donation basis, and may be placed in the box in the Front Office.

Caring CROCS
Nonperishable food items
School supplies
Gently used school uniforms
Great Websites

Discovery Education
This is a standardized math and reading
test that will be taken on the computer.
The reading goal is to score above
1425 which is a "level 3".
The math goal is to score above 1396
which is a "level 3".
The D.E. will show exactly what
skills your child needs to work on.
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