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Implementation of Behavioral Intervention Plan

No description

Katheryne Pavey

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Implementation of Behavioral Intervention Plan

Implementation of Behavioral Intervention Plan
Recognizing the unique nature of Ivy Tech as a state system it is important to understand the changing needs of our students to properly support the educational future of Indiana. In regards to recent national trends in violence and concerning behavior in educational settings many post-secondary institutions have established Behavioral Intervention Teams to proactively address growing concerns and threats to help maintain safe campus environments.

Mission : Enhance student success and retention by proactively addressing student behavior issues in order to promote a safe, secure and healthy environment

1. Train BIT team
2. Educate Faculty, Staff and Students - "How, When and Why to use the Maxient Reporting System"
3. Marketing (Roll Out Plan)
4. Future have a CBT (required like FERPA and customer service)
Roll Out Plan
Campus Presidents
Own and Embrace
Market via:
Campus Meetings
Mailbox Stuffers

By mid March,2014
What is BIT ?
Behavioral Intervention Teams - NaBITA

Behavioral Intervention Teams. What is a behavioral intervention team?

A behavioral intervention team (BIT) is a multi-disciplinary group whose purpose is meeting regularly to support its target audience (students, employees, faculty, staff) via an established protocol.
Record keeping
Committee Coordination and Campus Liaison
Education and Training for Students/Faculty and Staff
Assessment and Recommendation of Intervention Strategies
Behavior Intervention Team Meets to Review, Information Gathering
Report filed - may be submitted via Campus Connect to Campus Presidents
Behavior Incident Report Forms (Maxient incident form available online)
Student, staff, faculty, other complete incident report form through Campus Connect
Implementation, Follow-Up and Monitoring
Behavior Intervention Team Process
Reporting Behavioral Concerns
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