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project on romania

Amy Wong

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Romania

Romania Neighboring Map Close Up Map Physical Map Romania is north of Bulgaria and east of Serbia. To the north of Romania is Ukraine. Romania is in the south part of Europe. The Black Sea is beside Romania. The Black Sea Coast covers less than 150 miles in Romania. It's close to the Southeast part of Romania. Romania is in the Southeastern and Central Europe hemispheres. Romania is 46 degrees north and 25 degrees east. The mountains in Romania form a little chain from the west side to the north side of Romania. There are many rivers there. The capital city of Romania is Bucharest. Bucharest has lots of famous landmarks. One of the most famous places people visit is the Romanian Atheneum. There are many amazing castles and legends in Romania. Also, Bucharest specializes in the delicious food that they serve in restaurants. The major cities in Romania are Arad, Sibiu and Alexandria. Bucharest There are many cities in Romania. The capital city is Bucharest. Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca are the most populated city in Romania. Bacau is a famous city with a nice beautiful lake. Climate Traditions Natural Disasters The Carpathian Mountains cover 600 miles in Romania. The mountains are like an arch. They are split into 3 different lands: the Eastern Carpathians (Oriental), the Southern Carpathians and the Western Carpathians. Some people know the Southern Carpathians as the Transylvanian Alps. They have different terrains like volcanic, glacial and many more. The mountains provide many outdoor activities like climbing, hiking and even skiing or snowboarding. The Danube river runs from almost 1864 miles through the entire Europe from one end to the Southeastern part of Romania. The river separates into 3 smaller rivers forming the Danube Delta. The Danube Delta helps increase the amount of beaches in Romania. Capital Cities and Major Cities Language and Population There are lots of types of flowers The main language in Romania is Romanian. The other spoken languages in Romania include Hungarian, Romani, Ukrainian and German. The population is about 22 million people. Beautiful forests Area, Currency and Flag Romania has an area of 238,391 square kilometers. The size of Romania is slightly smaller than Oregon, USA. The currency used in Romania is leu (RON). Its flag is blue, yellow and red. It goes in vertical lines. The temperature in the
winter is really cold. The coldest month is January which the minimum temperature is
-38.5 Celsius. The warmest month is August and the maximum temperature is 44.5 Celsius. Usually, romanians like to wear a casual shirt called a chemise. They wear a fabric belt around their waist. A pair of trousers or leggings. On special occasions like a festival or ceremony, women like to wear a festive dress.

Most people in Romania are religious. Many people are Christian. There are lots of other religions like Jewish and Roman Catholicism.

Romania celebrates several celebrations. They are similar to ours. Craciun is how they call their Christmas. They have a delicious feast with pickled cabbages, pork, beef, rice and even wine. Their Santa Claus is called St. Nicholas. They celebrate it on December 7. Romanians celebrate Anul Nou after Christmas because Anul Nou stands for New Year's Day. Anul Nou is on January 1. They have fireworks and special concerts. They fill pockets of corn and throw them at people. They greet them with wishes. They might also use flowers instead of corn. Anul Nou is on January 1.

They have special holidays like Pastele (Orthodox Easter Day). The date of Easter is different every year. Easter is the most important celebration for Romanians. They like to paint eggs and decorate them around the house. Each colour of the egg has a different meaning to it. On May 1, it's Labour Day. They call it Ziua Muncii. They get to rest for the day. Floods and extreme temperature are the most significant natural disasters in Romania. Floods could drown lots of people while temperatures could get too hot or cold so it would harm many people. Other natural disasters in Romania are droughts, earthquakes, epidemics and big storms. Famous Landmarks, Tourist Attractions, Buildings etc. There are several famous places that would be interesting to go to. For example, there are many castles in Romania. There's a Bran Castle in Brasov and a Peles Castle in Sinaia. Bran Castle: Peles Castle: It is on the border of Transylvania and Wallachia. This castle is known as "Dracula's Castle" even though there are several other castles related to the Dracula legend. This castle is now a museum and it shows lots of art and furniture collected by Queen Marie. The castle was built by Teutonic Knights. It is in the Carpathian Mountains near Sinaia. Peles Castle is actually a palace, even though people call it a castle. This castle has over 170 rooms and 30 bathrooms. There are many collections of art from the Eastern and Central Europe including statues, paintings, gold, silver, rugs etc. This castle is also a place for visitors. Palace Of Parliament, Bucharest Palace of Parliament, Bucharest It is the administrative center of the country and the heaviest building. It has 1,100 rooms and 2 underground parking places. It's 12 stories high with 4 underground levels for general public uses. The Palace of Parliament was built in the "golden age". In 1989, some people considered it to be hideous. After a while, people thought that it wasn't so bad so they called it the "People's House". This building is now open to groups of tourists who want to explore this amazing place. Delicious and famous foods This is where Romania is. This side dish is called Mititei. It means grilled
ground meat rolls. They could be made from beef, lamb and pork. It is delicious to eat it with mustard and beer. This delicious dessert is called Patratele. They are little squares. This is a dish called Sarmale cu Mamaliga.
It's a meat roll and it has cabbage surounding it.
Usually, they eat it during Christmas with sour cream. This bread is called Cozonac cu Nuca.
It is a walnut bread. It is eaten on Christmas, New Year and also Easter. Cozonac cu Nuca is a sweet cheese filled bread. Romania is famous for
their wine. They drink wine
for many celebrations. This food is called Placinta de Dovleac. It's a pastry which contains squash. They blend the squash so that it is smooth and put it inside the pastry. They roll it then cut it into little squares. Some powdered sugar would be sprinkled on top. This pastry is called cornulete cu nuca. It is made out of dough. They like to roll it into a "U" shape and then bake it. The white topping is actually powdered sugar. This enjoyable dessert is for Christmas celebrations. This appetizer is called Salata de
Boeuf. It is a beef salad. It is usually made
with beef soup or chicken soup. This dish is a combination of beef or chicken and root vegetables. It is for all special occasions. Beverage Dessert Bread Grilled Meat Appetizer/Salad Dessert Dessert Main Dish soup This soup is called Ciorba de Perisoare. It means sour soup with meatballs. The meatballs are made from minced pork meat with rice and spices. Sunshine Hours Famous People Nadia Comaneci is a well known Romanian gymnast. She was born on November 12, 1961. She won three Olympic gold medals in the 1976 Summer Olympics. She was the first female to get a perfect score of 10 on one of the gymnastics event. This is Mihai Eminescu. He lived from 1850-
1889. He was the best known Romanian poet. He was a poet, novelist and journalist. He had many themes for his poems: Love, nature, history and social commentary. There were many famous Romanian poems. One of them was called "Luceafãrul" ("Morning star"). They were meaningful and influential. George Enescu was a Romanian composer,
violinist, pianist, conductor and teacher. His music is influenced by other musicians like Johannes Brahms. The songs he composed were played with deep love and professional touch. He wrote chamber music, three violin sonatas, three
piano sonatas and two string quartets. George also wrote orchestral works. Eugene Ionesco was a dramatist and a playwright (writer of plays). He is linked to theaters. He lived from 1912-1994. He was awarded for dramatic techniques in plays and for inventing the theater of the absurd. Some of his plays are "The Lesson", "The Chairs" and "The Rhinoceros". Henri Coanda was a Romanian inventor, aerodynamics pioneer and the builder of an experimental aircraft. He invented many things and designed a "flying saucer". He invented the jet plane. On December 14, he performed the first jet propelled flight in the world with a plane that he built himself. History In 200 B.C.: Romania was found by a Thracian tribe called the Dacians.
In 106 AD: The Dacians were conquered by the Romans and the emperor Trajan. This territory
became the Romans.
In 166 AD: The Romans abandoned the land and left. This country (Romania) was the first province where the Romans left. Several hundred years later, the Goths, Hungarians and Bulgarians took over the land. Middle Ages Two major principalities emerged from the area. They were the principality of Moldavia and the Principality of Wallachia.
In the 1500s, they were conquered by the Ottoman Empire, but united by Alexander Cuza again in 1859.
In 1878, the country got full independence under the Treaty of Berlin. The first king of Romania was called Carol of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. After World War 1- 1918 Romania gained the land Transylvania.
In world War 2, Romania helped Germany. In 1944, the government were in an argument with King Mihai. Romania switched sides in the war and helped the countries fighting Germany. After World War 2-1945 The Soviet Union took over Romania and turned the country into a communist state under dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. In 1996, the communists from the Soviet Union were removed from power so Romania was allowed to join the European Union in 2007. Romanian Athenaeum The Romanian Athenaeum is a concert hall that is in the middle of Bucharest, Romania. This is one of the most famous landmarks in Romania that attracts lots of tourists. Albert Galleron designed this building and it was built and finished in 1888. The Romanian Athenaeum was dedicated for art and science. This amazing building was rebuilt in 1992 to avoid collapsing. This building is the main concert hall and the place where the George Enescu annual international music festival are held. Economy of Romania Romania exports transport equipment and vehicles to other countries. Romania also exports shoes, jewelry, factory machines, textile/ footwear, metal and metal products, minerals/ fuels, chemicals and agricultural products. The People of Romania National Coat of Arms, Anthem Military Flag, National Holiday The government structure for Romania is republic. Victor-Viorel Ponta has been the prime minister since 2012. Its national symbol is a golden eagle which has a sword and a mace in his hands. Its national anthem is Desteapta-te romane! It means "Wake Up, Romanian"! Romania's military flag is the colour of their national flag. It's colours are red, yellow and blue. They resemble military honour, bravery and glory. It reminds soldiers of how they fought hard for Romania. It also has the coat of arms in the middle.
Their national holiday is the Great Union Day. This holiday remembers the time when the people stood up and declared the Union of Transylvania with Romania. It was when Transylvania joined Romania. It also stands for when Bessarabia and Bukovina joined the Romanian kingdom. This holiday has another meaning. When Carol I of Romania stepped onto Romanian soil and declared the Declaration of Independence from the Ottoman Empire. Some of the natural resources of Romania are oil, coal, timber, iron ore, gold, petroleum, natural gas, salt and hydro power. The agricultural products of Romania are wheat, corn, barley, sugar beets, sunflower seeds, potatoes, grapes, eggs and sheep. The major imports from other countries include machinery/ equipment, fuels/ minerals, chemicals, textile and products, basic metals and agricultural products. The major industries in Romania are textiles/ footwear, light machinery/ auto assembly, mining, timber, construction materials, metallurgy, chemicals, food processing and petroleum refining. Wolf Lynx Fuchsia Native Plants and Animals Lynx are medium sized wildcats. There are four types of species of them: Canadian lynx, Iberian (Spanish) lynx, Eurasian lynx and Bobcat. Romania's national animal is a lynx because there are many living in the Carpathian Mountains. Wolves come from the dog family. They are the biggest kind of dog in the dog family. The grey wolf is only one type of wolf. There is also the red wolf and the maned wolf. The red wolf lives in the southeastern United States and the maned wolf lives in South America. All wolves are known for their sharp and loud howl. Wolves are also known to be found in the Carpathian Mountains. There are many living close by so altogether, there are about 4000 wolves in Romania. Rose Canina Rose Canina is also known as dog rose. Dog roses can help other flowers grow taller or grow taller themselves. They are fast growing plants that climb trees and fences. This flower is a beautiful flower found in the forests of Romania. Most flowers there are found in forests in the Carpathian Mountains. This is a popular flower in Romania. National Football (Soccer) Team National Basketball Team Sports This football team is called Tricolorii (The Tricolours). They are controlled by the Romanian Football Federation. Romania is one of four national teams that were part of the first three World Cups. This football team has a long history. The Romania basketball team represents them in international games. Romania had been in the FIBA Eurobasket 17 times. They had reached fifth twice. Romania has also played in the Basketball Olympic Tournament once. There are also professional basketball leagues in Romania. There are 16 teams in the Men's division. The Divizia A (Baschet Masculin) is the best professional league in Romania. Divizia A Romania
team Temperature (C)
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