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Central Africa

No description

Lexie McCracken

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Central Africa

Central Africa by Lexie & Bailey, Physical Geography Traditional People Government Popular Culture Visit? Democratic Republic of The Congo Gaban Cameroon
Equatorial Guinea
Sao Tome and Principe Central African Republic Bordered by?
The Alantic Ocean
Ruwenzori Mountains
Tiny Sao Tome.
average hot 8o degrees & The Lowest
average 27 centigrated.
Who are they:?
The Mbuti- People that live
in the rain forest. what are they like?
Mbuti- they all have certain jobs like the girls gather medicine, they ingredients for cooking meals, careing for the children in the villages, they are really queit people. They are a Republic Government. They are filled with many sports & recreating,
telling the truth is some of the social problems though. I would not like to visit Central Africa, becuase the water supply isn't clean cause it comes from a river & also cause of population. The "huts" might be unstable,nothings out there to do besides catch fish, & etc. i wouldn't want to go out of the state, because i like my country. Africa's region do have a Beatiful scenery, i think that is & would be the only reason i would go is for the view. I don't like how some parts is dry & hot to where you can't breath, so yet in Africa some places are nice & cool with nice places to see. Some speak a different language so i would have to have a translater or would have to learn that language. multi-racial in different parts Yes i think they will survive cause they have food & water supplies. They have stable houses but even though they might get sick they also know ways to vaccinate the ones that get sick.
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