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"The Cold Equations"

No description

Hannah Jones

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of "The Cold Equations"

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
"The Cold Equations"
Plot Diagram
Genre of the Story
Science Fiction: It is considered science fiction because it tells of a futuristic technology that could potentially end badly.
Four Language Devices
(1) Simile: "the lipstick standing out like a blood-red cupid's bow."
(2) Simile: "seize her and thrust her into
the air lock as he would an animal - or a man."
(3) Simile: "The word was like the drop of a cold stone"
(4) Metaphor: " the environments where the lives of men could be as fragile and fleeting as sea foam tossed against a rocky shore."
Literary Devices
Symbolism: The color white of the hand can be used to describe the laws of nature's coldness.
Theme: As technology grows stronger,we as humans will become colder.
Point of View: 1st person point of view. Since it's first person, it is very confusing because we only know what Barton is thinking.
Conflict: The conflict is character vs. self. The character vs. self is the internal conflict with Barton, he is experiencing turmoil with himself over having to kill the teenage girl. He doesn't want to kill Marilyn, but he doesn't want to.

Brief Review of Story
Flash forward to the year 2178 where everything is different but the same. On a ship in inner space, on its way to Woden, the gauge is reading higher than it should. The captain finds a stowaway, an eighteen year old girl. As she comes to realize that her actions have brought about her own demise,she asks two things; to contact her brother, and have a letter delivered to her parents. She holds no harrowing thoughts as the captain tells her she has to die, only asks 'why me'. She accepts her death sentence and puts up no fight, but steps into the air lock chamber.
This is set during the year 2178 on a Starship hurtling through space. This revoles around the story of an 18 year old stow-away on the ship.
The inciting incident is when they discover the stow-away on the starship.
They let Marilyn talk to her brother one final time before she dies.
Barton opens the hatch and Marilyn is pulled to her death.
After Marilyn is killed, everyone is safe. They decide that some things are "The Cold Equations", meaning they cannot be changed.
The rising action is when they try and decide what to do with this girl they foun
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