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Easter Island

No description

Yappy Smurf

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Easter Island

Easter Islind (Rapa Nui)!
The location of Rapa Nui.
Rapa Nui is island in the South Eastern
Pacific and is a territory of Chile.
Easter Island
Easter island real name is Rapa Nui
The heads
the history
and the location
The hisyory of Rapa Nui.
The Head's.
The Head 's are called
no but nos how the Moai were moved or built but we do now what they were made of. Archeologists believe that the Moai were constructed with compressed
in a quarry 11 miles away. Meany of the Moai were unfinished or abandoned.
How Rapa Nui got nicknamed Easter Island.
The islanders may have came from the Marquesas, the Mangarevas, the Cook Islands or Pitcairn Island around the 8th century.

Her are sum ways that the Moai mite of bin moved.
In conclusion Rapa Nui is a very mysterious place that we are still trying to understand.
David Nathanael Wiebe
Web sits:
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