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Johnny Cash: The Man In Black

No description

Lars Fisher

on 6 March 2012

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Transcript of Johnny Cash: The Man In Black

Johnny Cash: The Man In Black By: TC Mann Who is Johnny Cash? Johnny Cash is one the most important musicans of all time. He grew up in a poor house hold in Kingsland, Arkansas. Before becoming a musican Cash was a Morse Code interpreter in the Navy. He auditioned for Sun Records in 1954 and from there his popularity grew with each release. What kind of music does he play? One of the great thing about Johnny Cash is that you can't label his music as Country, Rock, Gospel or Blues. He is a mixture of all of it, making his songs unique and special. Why is Johnny Cash important? Johnny Cash has shaped modern music into what it is today. Cash has brought elements of Gospel and Blues into Country and Rock music. He has influenced musicans like Bono from U2, Nick Cave, and even Daron Malakian from System Of A Down. How was Johnny Cash offstage? Cash was an outlaw on and offstage. He has been arrested seven times, and is the only person in U.S. history to be arrested for causing a forrest fire. How long has Johnny Cash been playing music? Cash first played in 1954 and did not stop until his death in 2003. Has Johnny Cash won anything for his music? In his entire carrer Cash has won 17 Grammy awards. Johnny Cash has been inducted in the Country, Rock, and Gosple hall of fame. He been given a Kennedy Honor award and has his own spot in the hollywood walk of fame. How many albums has Johnny Cash made in his carrer? Johnny Cash has relased 55 studio albums, six live albums, 165 singles and 13 of them were number one on the billboard charts. Who was in his backing band? The classic line up was Marshall Grant the bassist, Luther Perkins on the electric guitar, and W.S. Holland on the drums and of course Johnny Cash who sang and played acoustic guitar. How old was Johnny Cash when he died? Johnny Cash was 71 when he died. His birthday was a few weeks ago Febuary 26, he would have been 80 years old. Thanks!! That was a small part of Johnny Cash performing his song "I Walk The Line" in Munich Germany in his later career.
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