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Your World IS Communication


Rob Craig

on 23 August 2012

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Transcript of Your World IS Communication

Your World IS Communication Seriously ..... what IS communication? The deliberate or accidental transfer of meaning "meaning"? information that
both the sender & receiver understand What do you mean by mass communication public communication small group communication interpersonal communication intrapersonal communication What are the different types? What Are Some Functions of Communication? Dynamic! ever-changing Inevitable,
& Irreversible affected by culture What are the elements of
Human Communication? People
receivers Messages
content Channels
method NOISE in the channel (& throughout) Which means that it is ...... It's being transformed by
technology between one and an unknown many between one and a perceptible many messages encoded to the sender from the sender messages exchanged between one person and another messages exchanged between 3-12 people working toward a common goal
5-7 people is ideal Some Functions of Communication understanding and insight Meaningful relationships
control Influence and Persuasion Discussion point for the day: Living The "Wireless" Life The Gamble Model of Communication What does it mean to be wired in 2012? first, we're probably wireless
second, 5 hours a day is more likely than 5 hours weekly
In 1997, 5 hours a week was considered to be heavy usage NEXT: NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION (CHAPTER 4) Communication Is Essential Communication is consequential
Communication is ubiquitious
Communication is comprehensive
Communication is essential It can improve the way you see yourself
It can improve the way others see you
It can improve what you know and understand about human relationships
It can teach you important life skills (critical thinking, problem-solving, etc.)
It can help you hone your skills in expressing yourself
It'll help you succeed professionally Mediated, often by computer technology Mediated = electronic channels Media Convergence! Or, As your book says.... The process of using messages to create meaning (Contexts?) principles? principles? Begins with self
Involves others
Has a content and
a relational dimension Communication is Complicated
Quantity does not increase quality Noise Communication occurs whenever a receiver decodes an encoded message from a sender via a channel or channels designated by the sender SMCR MODEL NOISE Fini! (That's Latin for "I'm Finished"
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