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Getting Thing Done

Hands on approach presentation inspired by the authour of GTD David Allen.

Rene Volker

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of Getting Thing Done

Getting Things Done David Allen Getting what done? How is this done? Things.... Projects Planning Organisation First: Write down 3 things you need to do! Rebuilding your house Making that epic yourney to Thailand Reading the enitere Lord of the Rings saga Introduce that 'insert name' project to your work Daily, weekly and monthly activities Productivity Second: Priotize them from 'most important' to 'least important'! Third: Which thing do you really need to be completed? Inventory Work space Agenda Overtime Learn Spanish, Russian or Italian Pretend for a minute that your 'most important' thing is completed! organised Better on schedule employe manager with your selve A winner ! How do you feel? Self Managment Why do people find it hard to do things? Evolution of man and woman Anwer: because poeple do not know what kind of 'work' they have to perform History of work Evolution of the human Evolution of labour Change in products GTD- Mastering Workflow 1. Collect 2. Process 3. Organize 4. Review 5. Do Obtain a mind like water.... If your mind is empty, than it will be ready for anything - Shunrye Suzuki Tension is caused by lack of control, organisation
preparation and action - David Kekick Determine action what needs to be done to complete thing number 1. What what do I need from you?
What are we going to do? Participathing every 2 weeks for 3 months Overtime Coach as trainer Email and Internet tips and tricks Personal Inventory Control Finding Your Inside Time Micromanaging Weekly review Many many more..... Notes Idea's Email Internet Bills Letters Brochures Flyers Idea box (Girlfriend) Future Plans Reference material
To read
Projects Office supplies
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