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Tourettes vs David Beckham

No description

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Tourettes vs David Beckham

Team 1
NAME: David Robert Joseph Beckham
FROM: Leytonstone, London
DOB: May 2, 1975
Manchestar United, England
1998~ England's World Cup Team
Moved to the US~ America Major Soccer League
$13 million in endorsement deals
Team 2
-Tourette Syndrome~ TS
-disorder of the nervous system
-Constant unusual movements (tics)
-Have no control of the tics
Tourettes vs David Beckham
USA~ National Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA)
Athletic events
CANADA~ Tourette Syndrome Foundation Of Canada (TSFC)

David doesn't support any charities dealing with Tourette's syndrome.
-Supports 15 charities
Main Symptoms
Start @ 5-10
Begin w/ motor tics in head & neck area
MOTOR TICS- movements of body ex- blinking, shrugging, jerking of arm
VOCAL TICS- sound made w/ voice ex-humming, clearing of throat, yelling word or phrase
SIMPLE TICS- involve few parts of body ex- squinting eyes, sniffing
COMPLEX TICS- involve several parts of body (can have pattern) ex- bobbing head, jerking arm, jumping arm
COPROLALIA- swearing(yelling out)~ rare
ECHOLALIA- repeating others
By: Madison Woodhead
How He Came to Be
No known cause
Possibly passed through genes

Factors Of
More common in M than F
Children 6-17 y/o~wose in teen yr
Out grow
All racial groups
approx 3 in every 1,000
common w/ people w/ a hx of co-occuring conditions~ attention-deficint/hyeactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
No test to dx
Professionals look at S&S
What Professional Look At
Tics are different from person to person
How long Sx have lasted
Type of tic
No cure
There are treatments for some cases
Most tics don't affect ADL's
Medication & Behavioral Treatments
Tics cause pain
Cause stress
Interfere w/ school, work, social life
Are precipitated by doctor
Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT)
Helps educate people involved w/ patient
Habit reversal techniques

Sx can vary as you get older
Can completely vanish
Usually worse as child
Sometimes worse as adult
Professionals That Help
Neurologist~ Dx & treat patients with a brain & nervous system condition or disease
Psychiatrist~ Helps the patient with mental state
Family Practitioner~ Helps with understanding
-Neurologist~ 4 yr undergraduate degree, 4 yr medical school degree, 3 yr of residency
-Psychiatrist~ 4 yr medical school, 3 yr residency
-Family Practitioner~ 4 yr undergraduate degree, 4 yr medical degree, 3 yr residency, 1-3 yr fellowship
Neurologist~ $169,306 to $301,794
Psychiatrist~ $157,005 to $239,155
Family Practitioner~ $136,322 to $226,271
-TS can be dx if a person has either motor or vocal tics, and has had tics for at least 1 yr.
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