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Teaching Writing

No description

Sussan Roo

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Teaching Writing


1. Research on Second Language Writing

2. Characteristics of Written Language: A writer's view

3. Micro and Macro Skills for Writing

4. Types of Classroom Writing Performance
Research on Second
Language Writing

1) Composing VS Writing
2) Process VS Product
3) Contrastive rhetoric
4) Differences between L1 & L2 Writing
5) Authenticity
6) Responding to Student Writing
7) Voice and Identity
How can we teach writing?
What should we be trying to teach?

- No eradicate them
- Guide Ss through a process of
understanding schemata
Characteristics of Written Language
A writer's view
1) Permanence

2) Production Time

3) Distance

4) Orthography

5) Complexity

6) Vocabulary

7) Formality
Micro and Macro
Skills for Writing
Types of Classroom
Writing Performance
1) Imitative or Writing down

2) Intensive or Controlled

3) Self-Writing

4) Display writing

5) Real Writing
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