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*Team Spirit

Treasures 6

Cedric Chastagner

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of *Team Spirit

1. My name is ___________________ on my bracelet.
2. When I am ___________________ I do not smile.
3. The ______________________ is amazing; he looks exactly like his father!
4. My letter is ____________________ February 20, 2014.
5. The student was ________________ by the fascinating story.
6. My father wears a ____________________ uniform; it is required by his boss.
7. If I do something stupid I will feel ____________________.
8. The boy proudly waved a _________________ for his favorite team.
9. It is common for golfers to wear _________________ instead of long trousers.
10. The field remained ________________ for 3 seasons.
11. The artist has many colors of paint on his ____________________.
12. The numbers that tell me how good an athlete is are called ________________.
13. The scientist is analyzing the _________________ from the experiment.
14. Kirby Pucket hit a __________________ in last nights game and ran to third base.
Pictures Vocab
New Vocab
My Aunt’s
Baseball Dreams
How Tía Lola Come to Stay
Team Spirit
1. inscribed – something is inscribed if something has been written on it.
2. grouchy – in a bad mood
3. resemblance – looks similar to/ to look alike
4. postmarked – marked by the post office
5. enthralled – charmed by something / very interested in
6. regulation – required by authority / rule
7. embarrassment – feeling ashamed
8. pennant – flag that identifies a team
Add. Vocab
9. knickers – loose-fitting trousers that end just below the knee
10. fallow – land that has not been farmed for one or more seasons
11. palettes – thin boards on which artists mix their paint.
12. statistics – a collection of numerical information
13. data – factual information
14. triples – baseball hits that allow the batter to reach third base safely.
15. rumors – gossip.
1. What connects Sarah to her aunt Helen?
2. What is Helen’s advice to Sarah?
3. What did Helen have the opportunity to do in 1943?
4. Why did Helen think the man explaining the rules was grouchy?
5. What come in the mail for aunt Helen?
6. Did Helen go to the tryouts in Chicago? Why or Why not?
7. What did Helen spend her life wondering?
8. What did she learn?
1. Where is Tía Lola from?
2. What are summer days compared to?
3. Who was a young boy in the picture that Miguel found?
4. What shapes did Tía Lola turn the hedges into?
5. What happens when Miguel tries to call Colonel Charlebois?
6. Who does Tía Lola tell the baseball team stories about?
7. What color does Tía Lola paint the house?
8. What flavor Frios-frios does Tía Lola give them in honor of the new house color?
9. What does Lola say the new color of the house reminds her of ?
10. What does Mami say Colonel Charlebois will do when he sees the new house color?
11. What does Miguel say his mother will think the stranger in the woods is?
12. What does Colonel Charlebois do when he sees the color of the house?
13. What does the family do to try to change Colonel Charlebois mind?
14. What color are the new uniforms?
15. What name did the team take and who does it honor?
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