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Troy Phi 2010-2011

A presidential platform.

Michael Garrido

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Troy Phi 2010-2011

2010 - 2011 FALL SPRING NEW! CUltural retreat ALL YEAR PACN COMMITTEES TMF COMMITTEES Apasa + scpasA Alumni classES + FAMILIES
+ e-board transparency personal growth community impact We are Troy Phi! before... ...after = + ??? + ...for the love of SCPASA APASA Alumni FilAm Community troy phi TPYC NEW! ARTISTS / HISTORY PANEL in addition to your regularly scheduled Programming... transparency personal growth community impact ...OUR platform! THIS could be... Thanks for
your time! A strong culture of inviting feedback,
improvements, and innovation where...

Everyone who accepts the invitation to get more involved will hone their leadership and communication skills and enrich an already awesome social and family experience!
We will continue to
strengthen bonds
with communities
at many levels...
...by programming and participating in events across these organizations ...general members are encouraged to
and can easily get involved in planning
and leadership (building from SCPASASummit + GMGMPC :) + buses! + revamped
publicity! real dialogue with
FilAm community = the Weekender + leadership development + history/culture connection = leadership opportunity + deeper bonding! = more leadership opportunities + more bonding! BONDING with... = professional connections
+ mentors
+ $$$ for Troy Phi :) = support on-campus
+ bigger network
+ more good times! (EITHER or
BOTH semesters) = more quality time
+ excuses for study breaks
+ NOMNOMs :)
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