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Psychokinesis: Real or Fake?

No description

Jordan Miech

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Psychokinesis: Real or Fake?

Who is Nina KUlagina?
Nina Kulagina was born in St. Petersburg, Russia on July 30, 1926.
Nina says that as a child she experienced supernatural phenomena.
She said that she could make the lights go on and off in her house and objects would move around when she got angry.
Nina's PK ability
Clearer Video
Death, Skeptics, and Conclusion
Nina Kulagina died in 1990 at age 63.
Skeptics say that she has no power because the videos are not clear, they were only filmed at her house, and there may be hidden mechanisms that were not exposed in the film. Really?
In conclusion, we think it is possible.
Psychokinesis: Real or Fake?
Who is Nina Kulagina?

Nina Kulagina's Powers
Kulagina was believed to have psychokinesis.
Other abilities include seeing a person's disease in her mind, seeing through objects, and healing powers.
Nina Kulagina Continued
Scientists have many experiments on tape.
Some include Kulagina moving matchsticks and glass shakers.
After she successfully executed her power, she appeared drained and tired.
Hollywood's Depiction of psychokinesis
From the television show
. Prue Halliwell's psychokinesis power.
Works Cited

What is Psychokinesis?
Psychokinesis (PK) is the ability to move objects with your mind alone.
Used to be known as telekinesis.
Derived from greek word
psyche =
"breath," "life," or "soul," and
= "to move."
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By: Jordan Miech & Kendra Ruhle
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