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No description

noor masoom

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of caf-power


The Product
Sally's Convenience Store
Product will go off the charts
Primary: 12 – 35
Secondary: 40 – 60

Small: $1.00
Medium: $2.00
Large: $3.00
Target market
Product description
By:Noor Masoom and Faiza Haidry TP7
Iced Cappuccino
Coke/ Pepsi
Other Slushy companies
Ice cream Companies
Blueberry Blast
Super Strawberry
Peach Power
Refreshing Raspberry




Extra Caffeine
Real Fruit Juices
Natural sweeteners
Arctic ice
The actual product is a powder that is mixed with water and churned while being frozen to make a slushy!
Anyone can do it !
Billy's Retail Store
Post Office
Pirated Movies
Hmm. That is a great commercial, I feel like getting more!!!
I want to get me some good Caf-power
Sold Out!
No more Caf-power
No snitching
or we kill you!
New movies!
Earlier then
Also we have an extra bonus accessory,
which is the no lose key chain.
Which will draw more peoples attention.
Its a device that detects where your keys are if they are ever lost or stolen. From over half the world, either China, Pakistan and even 1100 meters below sea level.
Gives a burst of energy
Tasty flavours to choose from
Cools you down
Unique combination of caffeine and fruit
Product description
Sampling stations
Youtube ads
Promotional Methods
1.What product is being advertised?
Its a beverage that is a mixture of coffee and slushy. (known as "Caf-Power"
2.To what age group, economic group, and gender does your print advertisement appeal?
Our product, we prefer the group age should be 12-35 as well it appeals both genders
3.What techniques of persuasion do you use in your ad?
In our ad we used techniques such as attention grabbing slogans ("coffee too sour try then try Caf-power") we also used bright colors to attract the audience
4.What are the obvious messages in your ad?
Some of the obvious messages in our ad include the price, the deliciousness , the promotion sales (no lose key chain and no tax)
5.What are the hidden messages, if any?
6.What kind of lifestyle is being presented? How is it glamourized (if applicable)?
The lifestyle for our product that is being presented is that everyone should drink Caf-Power and that if you don't have it then your not one of the cool people and not accepted in society. It is being glamourized by our company saying that it will keep you wide awake for the day and that you get a bonus accessory.
7. How is your ad an example of healthy or unhealthy media?
Its unhealthy because your telling people to be a certain way but yet it is giving our company publicity for our product so it can be well known and it has a bigger amount of potential consumers. So it can be seen as both types of media.
The End!
Hope you Enjoyed :D
In 1889, a man known as Waleed had decided to create a company known as Cloud Productions, at the age of 20. Which was successfully built on August 30th 1889.
In 1925 Cloud Productions became the most famous company ever, because of its food products. There company was never going to go out of business.
Sadly, Waleed died at the age of 56 and passed his company on to Noor. Noor then made Faiza as her partner for the company. They made many ideas together.
Before, Waleed died he left a letter for Noor that had a list of ingredients on how to make Caf-power. It became a huge hit beverage.
Noor then decided to make powder for Caf-power, so then people can try it at home. As well, with a purchase of Caf-Power you can get a no-lose keychain
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