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English 3U Summative Assessment

No description

Abby Bolton

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of English 3U Summative Assessment

Throughout this semester I feel like I've learned so much and I've really grown and improved as a writer. I've accomplished a variety of different tests, assignments, books, essays, etc.
Argumentative Strategy test
Multiple Vocabulary Tests
1984 by George Orwell
Propaganda Assignment
Quote Analysis tests
1984 essay
Minority Report Assignment
Two independent reading assignments (book reports)
Poems & Media
Graphic Text
Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come Questions
Media test
Hamlet by William Shakespeare
Hamlet Comic
Hamlet Test
Independent Novels
Favourite Novel
Abby Bolton

English 3U Summative Assessment
Essay Writing
Before this year I only really knew the basics of how to right an essay and I feel like this year I really learned how to wright a good and proper essay.
Essay Writing
To not repeat myself
To not wright too much
How to wright a good thesis that is clear, to the point, relates to a specific subject, and that can be supported with convincing facts and details.
To leave my readers thinking at the end of my essay by writing a strong statement about my topic for my readers to think about.
I used a lot more transition words and made sure each paragraph had a strong concluding sentence.
Winning Balance, written by Shawn Johnson and Nancy.....
Story about an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics.
I would recommend this book to any gymnast, or any fan of gymnastics.
Usain Bolt Faster Than Lightning
Written by Usain Bolt
Story of the fastest man on earth, 6 time Olympic gold medalist and Olympic and World record holder.
My favourite novel this semester was Hamlet.
and unique to anything I've ever read before.

First time reading anything written by

and I loved the story.

It was suspenseful and I loved how everything just unraveled at

Even though some parts of the story were hard to understand because of how it was written, I thought the tragic story was really well laid out and it was fun to

I liked how it wasn't a
ending because almost all stories have happy endings, so it made it different from all the others that I've read.

It was also reading something written so long ago because of how different they talked. I think it's cool how Shakespeare came up with sort of his own
Out of the two independent novels I read this semester, I would recommend Usain Bolt Faster Than Lightning. I would recommend this book over Winning Balance because...

People know and participate in track more than gymnastics.
Usain Bolt is a lot more famous and well known
He has accomplished a lot more in his career
He has a phenomenal story of how he started track and how he got to the Olympics.
Very inspirational
Go read Usain Bolt Faster than Lightning now! It's amazing!
Where to put a hook, and how to wright a good one.
To layout my essay points before hand so I could get everything organized and come up with some really strong proof to back up my points.
~How I've Grown As a Writer~
Planning out my answers or essays, before I write
To not ramble on as much
Better at summarizing
Not over writing
Time management on tests, essays, assignments, etc.
Improved on spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.
Coming up with a strong, clear thesis
Coming up with strong evidence to support my arguments.
For essays I've been able to write good essays that answer tougher questions than what I've done in grade 9 and 10.
My Weakness
Summarizing information I get from the internet or from books.
I've gotten better at not over writing, but I still need to work on summarizing information better.
Propaganda Assignment
Out of all the creative assignments we did this semester, he propaganda assignment for 1984 was my favourite.

I could be creative with it
it was fun to do
I got to design the layout myself
I didn't have to stick to a basic outline like the graphic text or Hamlet comic.
I enjoy making posters
The biggest challenge I had was trying to put my information in point form instead of large paragraphs.

I'm also a big perfectionist, so trying not to over do it was also hard for me.
My strengths while presenting...
I'm confident
I'm prepared
I have a clear, loud voice
One weakness I have while presenting is not making eye contact.

I need to work on not staring and reading off my power point, and to look out to the audience while talking.
How can I overcome this weakness?
By reading over what I'm going to present multiple times to memorize it.
To practice presenting my presentations in front of family or friends, to get used to presenting for people
To use Q-cards so I'm not staring at my power point, and if I get stuck while I'm presenting I can glance at my Q-cards.
This is important for my future success because...
I need to learn to not rely on people or things. I need to learn to rely on myself to get things done. So by not relying on my power point, and presenting from my knowledge this will help me in the future.
If I have to present power points in the future for my job, I have to be able to present while making eye contact because it makes the presentation more effective.
Overall I had a lot of fun this semester in English. I enjoyed all of the books I read, and all of the projects. I also really felt that I learned a lot this semester and that I've really grown as a writer.
That's my English summative presentation, hope you enjoyed!
and remember...
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